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Yes, this really is the very first Private Server of the game ArcheAge!
Our server runs on the European ArcheAge Client with the current version being 6.5!
Useful links:


So, let me tell you a little about our server and why you should play with us!

Our servers are decentralized, dedicated, stable and high-maintenance.
This server has been now actively open for more than 4 years without a hitch!

The server is maintained and run by a team of veteran developers.
We are interested to hear the opinion of our community for changes, contents etc!

We create custom mounts, pets, quests, festivals and game events.​

Some of our recent content:
Storyline Chapter 20 & 21 & 22 & 23
Check our our Servers 3rd Anniversary Video!


Now, lets get into more details.
Are you tired of spending alot of hours or even days leveling up?
Not here! we have increased the experience rates 5x.


Do you like to grow flowers? or... plant a whole forest but the growthtime just seems sooo long....
Fear not! We have increased the growth speed of all objects in the game (trees, flowers, larders, animals etc)


Do you much rather want to be an mechanic or a cook? Do you want to spend your time crafting different items?
Dont worry, we increased the basic crafting speed by 2 times!


Now, you have spent all of your precious labor cooking, crafting and planting forests?
Dont worry, we have increased the labor regeneration speed by 2 times!


What about patron? That annoying thing you have to buy to even own your very first house...
Well, no problems here, as soon you create your character you will instantly have Patron and it will last... forever! Yay!


Now, lets move all that by side and look at the other side of the game.

Youre a brave soldier but noone really cares? you slay rifts after rifts but... you gain just so little honor from it?

Dont worry because we have increased...

  • Honor points for slaying monsters,
  • honor points for killing enemies in warzones and siege,
  • honor points for battles in the gladiator arena,
  • honor points for the battles in the regular arena,
  • honor points for winning battles on the arena and even when being defeated,
  • honor points for rifts and any other quests (halcyona, mistmerrow, cr, gr, whalesong, aegis etc).

You are an active player and you have done all your dailies already?
Dont worry, we have permanent weekly events on our servers which will make you go fishing, trade packs or fight foes!


If that is not enough, our server holds contests almost every week so do not forget to join in on these too to earn costumes, mounts, decorations and credits!

2 (1).png

Once you have created your character and achieved level 50 you will receive a special Beginners box!

It contains:

- Blessed One's Silver Earring
- Blessed One's Silver Necklace
- Blessed One's Silver Ring
- Steeled Will Potion
- Adventurer's Weapon Bundle
- Adventurer's Costume
- Bound Worker's Compensation: 1000
- Wayfarer's Supply Bundle
- Adventurer's XP Boost Potion
- ArcheRage Beginner Token
- Wayfarer Token
- Adventurer's Weapon Bundle

ArcheRage Beginner Token gives a special effect during 15 days:

Increases XP gain, Loot Drop Rate +20%, all Attacks/Healing +5%, all Defense +5%, and Move Speed +10%.
Decreases Production Time -10%. Prevents XP loss upon death. Persists despite death and lasts 15 days.

Also Adventurer's Weapon Bundle contains Temporary Obsidian Weapons and Obsidian Armors.

But this is not all!

For new and returning players we offer the Support Package, which will provide you with permanent full celestial hiram gear!

For more information check out [this] post.

A few screenshots of our server!

4 (1).png

6 (1).png

We are waiting for you ingame!

Sincerely, the
ArcheRage Team.
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