[Update] ArcheRage 4.5 Custom Changes


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Dear players!
We are glad to announce and show you our custom patchnotes for ''ArcheRage 4.5 Legends Return''


  • The faction chat will not be removed.​
  • Guild Member limit is decreased from 100 to 30-50 depending on Guild Level.​
  • Player Nation Member limit is decreased from 80 to 50.​
  • The number of crime points earned for pking same faction, stealing etc will remain the same but the Draught of Forgiveness Honor price has been increased from 2000 to 5000 Honor cost.​
  • Playernations are nolonger able to pick up the Halcyona Flag. Only the Nuian Nation Players can pick up Haranyas flag and Haranyan Nation players the Nuian flag.​
  • The maximum amount of members in playernations is reduced to 50 players.​
  • The grade of our custom made titles are changed, now most of our custom titles have ''Rare'' quality and some are ''Arcane''.​
  • Added the option to change the Raid Icon Size (such as star, heart, numbers etc.).​
  • The quest lines to receive the Forgotten Dream Ring and Ayanad Earring will not be changed so they will stay the same as in 4.0.​
  • The required amount of Lunarites for crafting T3 gems has been reduced from 50 to 30.​
  • The lifetime of worldbosses such as Dragon and Kraken will stay the same as in 4.0 version.​
  • The Kraken will still drop Kraken Ink Sacs when being defeated.​
  • Dragon will now drop 5 Red Dragon Spinal Ridges.​
  • Items that have fallen out of order for version 4.0 and 4.5 will no longer be dropped from monsters.​


Changed the Dragons Skills:

  • Wing Gale - Increased the cooldown of Wing Gale from 60 to 90 seconds.​
  • Dragon Roar - Reduced Dragon Roars range to 60 meters (instead of 120) and increased the cooldown to 120 seconds.​
  • Tempest Wings - Increased the cooldown of Tempest Wings from 10 to 20 seconds.​
  • Dragon Breath - Decreased Dragon Breaths damage by 50%.​

Red, Green and Black Dragons ''Breath'' changes.
  • Clinging Flame (Red Dragons Breath)​
  • Reduced the damage of Clinging Flame by 90%, reduced its range from 5m to 3m.​
  • Paralyzing Poison (Green Dragons Breath)​
  • Reduced the damage from Paralyzing Poison by 90%.​
  • Corrosive Acid (Black Dragons Breath)​
  • Reduced the damage from Corrosive Acid Poison Debuff by 50%. Increased Corrosive Acids cooldown to 60 seconds and reduced its damage by 50%, the skill now reduces healing by 50% instead of 100%.​

  • Now all guild leaders who own a castle with their guild will once a week receive a letter (together with the weekly Lordcoins) in which they can find the Dragon Heartshard and the Eternal Breath which are needed to raise a dragon.​
  • The duration time of those items are 7 days.​
  • Removed the Dragon Heartshard drop from Dragon.​
  • The dragon will need to be refreshed every 7 days.​
  • To refresh the dragon you will need to craft the Eternal Flame Scroll.​
  • Eternal Flame Scroll Craft changed - It will now require only 1 Red Dragon Spinal Ridge to craft the scroll and all other crafting ingredients are reduced by 10 times from its orginal amount. You will also need 10 Lordcoins and the Dragon Breath.​
  • The number of required packs for each stage of raising the dragon is reduced to 50. The time limit in which the stages have to be completed was reduced from 3 to 2 days.​
  • Every item needed to raise the dragon and the dragon itself will be bound.​


Festival Tokens will now be removed automatically after following Festivals end.

Festival tokens of the following festivals will have a lifetime of 1 month and then dissapear if not exchanged.​

  • Ahnimars Founder Festival​
  • Ghost Wedding​
  • Icefishing Festival​
  • Winter Maiden Festival​
  • Pawsome Festival​

  • Festival tokens of currently not active festivals can be exchanged in Mirage Isle.​


Changed the jury waiting times for the trial in the game.

  • Jury wait time was reduced from 2 minutes to 1minute.​
  • Pleading time was reduced from 5 minutes to 2 minutes.​
  • Verdict waiting time was reduced from 3 minutes to 1minute.​


Sea Spirit General

  • Decreased the Sea Spirit Generals HP by 2million.​
  • Decreased the Sea Spirit Generals Attack Damage of all his skills.​
  • Increased the Sea Spirits Generals Tornado attack cooldown to 100 seconds.​


  • Decreased the Harbingers HP by 1million.​
  • Reduced the Harbingers melee damage.​
  • Increased the Damage the Harbinger takes from attacks.​
  • Reduced the Ghost Armys cooldown to 100 seconds.​

Harbingers Minions

  • Reduced the damage the minions take from Melee attacks.​
  • Reduced Physical Defense​
  • Reduced Magical Defense​
  • The minions now live for 20 seconds instead of 60.​
  • Increased Melee Attack Damage dealt by minions.​
  • Increased their skill damage.​


The Black Pearl (Growling Yawl) was changed.

  • Increased the Growling Yawls HP to 110,000.​
  • Increased the maximum amount of players that can board the ship to 40.​
  • You can now apply the telescope to one of the 4 trade pack storage slots on the ship.​
  • The Growling Yawl now receives its own Telescope ''Growling Yawl Telescope''.​
  • The new telescope can only be used on the Growling Yawl.​


Siege requirements have changed.
  • Now the required number of active players was reduced from 50 to 30 players.​
  • To be eligble for the siege scroll bidding your guild must be in the Top 30 instead of the Top 20 and your guild level must be at the very least Level 5.​