[Info] Exile System


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Dear players!
With our playernations being removed in 5.0, we have decided to add the Exile System to our server!
You can change your faction only once every 2 months.

Exile Requirements:
  • You cannot be part of the Hero Council
  • You cannot be part of the Pirate Faction
  • You need to have atleast 500 Leadership
  • You need to have atleast 8000 Gearscore
  • You need to have Completed Custom Story Chapter 21
  • You need to have more than 10.000 Language proficiency of the Faction you want to exile to. (The Continents Dialect)
  • You need to not have the Exile Cooldown.

In order to change your faction and exile, you need to apply for a Faction Change in the Game.

New NPC's will be spawned in Austera and Marianople.
Applications for Faction Change can be submitted from Monday to Friday.

All applications will be checked manually during the weekend.
If your application was approved you will receive a letter in the game on Monday.


Once you receive an approval letter, speak to the Haranyan or Nuian Ambassador in Austera or Marianople again to start bidding on the Exile Token.


If someone else bids a higher price for the Exile token, you will receive back your gold.


The Exile Token is temporary and you will not be able to use it once it expires.

If you, in any way stop meeting the requirements for the Faction Change process while you already have obtained an Exile Token, you will not be able to use it.

Before using the Token, do not forget to leave your guild - You cannot exile if you are part of an guild.