[Update] ArcheRage 4.0 Custom Changes

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General Changes:

  • Mornstones description was changed.
  • Normal difficulty of following dungeons will not be removed: Palace Cellar, Kroloal Cradle and Sharpwind Mines.
  • Changed the required number of kills needed to activate ''War'' in Aegis and Whalesong harbor. To push Whalesong into war, there are now 600 kills required instead of 900. To start a war in Aegis there have to be 400 instead of 700 kills.
  • The Mechanic of the War drum has been changed to stay the same as in Version 3.5.
  • Added a ''Total Listing'' Counter on the auction house for your own listing.
  • Increased the space between the page switch indicators in the Teleport Book.
  • Added a button to the marketplace that will let the player take all items from their Marketplace mail with 1 click.
  • Merit Badges will not be removed from the game but will remain in some quests and all custom quests that previously had them as a currency for some of the items purchase.
    • It will not be possible to convert Merit Badges into the Gilda Stars.
    • Regular quests that will keep Merit Badges as a reward instead of Gilda Stars: "The Path of the Gladiator"; "Crimson Infantry"; "Crimson Reserves"; "Crimson Commanders"; etc.

The Ravenspine Wings have been changed.

  • The Invulnerability passive skill will no longer be passive but instead now be an active skill.
  • The duration of the Invulnerability will be increased to 5 seconds. If you launch the Ravenspine wings and hold down S the Wings will stay floating in the air. Each player who has previously obtained or purchased the Ravenspine Wings will receive a special item that will allow those players to choose a different glider as compensation.
  • The players may select one of the following gliders as compensation:
Goblin Glider
Flamefeather Glider
Astra Wings
Glider Companion: Squirrel
Glider Companion: Panda
Glider Companion: Sloth
Nimbus 2000
Marauders Glider
Improved Ezi's Glider
Skywhisper Glider

  • Labor is no longer consumed for watering plants.
  • The following items will be disassembled into the ingredients that they were made of in version 3.5 when trying to use them, as they will be discontinued in our game:
Fruit Punch
Honey Mead
Bubble Tea
Tangy Soda
Adventurers Tangy Soda
Jujube Juice
Fruit Liquor
Honey Liquor
Bubble Tea Liquor
Tangy Liquor
Adventurers Tangy Liquor
Jujube Sparkling Wine
  • The following items will now be turned into Assorted Ribs when trying to use them, as they will be discontinued in our game:
Kingdom Shadow
Adventurers Kingdom Shadow
Ample Mana Appetizer Table
Abundant Health Beverage Table
Arcane Grace Feast Table
Noble Blessings Feast Table
Oceans Bounty Seafood Table
Combat Scrolls: Attack
Combat Scroll: Toughness
Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy
Adventurers Spellbook: Unstoppable Will 3x -> Assorted Ribs x1
Basta Rune 3x -> Assorted Ribs x1
Valau Rune 3x -> Assorted Ribs x1
Zena Rune 3x -> Assorted Ribs x1
Fortuna Die 3x -> Assorted Ribs x1
Golden Die 1x -> Assorted Ribs x2

  • The quest ''Working for the Territories'' will remain the same as in version 3.5. It will not require additional Gilda Stars to accept.
  • The following Mounts and Pets will be added back to Mirage Isle:
Black Arrow
Black Saberfang Cub
White Donkey Foal
Brown Donkey Foal
Black Donkey Foal
Gray Donkey Foal
  • Added the Mad Steambike Design to Mirage Isle and 4 custom versions including: Colorful Steambike, Ghost Steambike, Homecoming Steambike, Mad Max Steambike.
Mad Steambike
Mad Steambike.jpg

Mad Max Steambike
Mad Max Steambike.jpg

Homecoming Steambike
Homecoming Steambike.jpg

Ghost Steambike

Ghost Steambike.jpg

  • Leviathans health regeneration in the final stage was reduced.
  • Leviathan's Fury skill cooldown increased from 60 sec to 180 sec.
  • Now for completing the following quests, the players will receive Merit Badges:

  1. Liberate the Encyclopedia Rooms
  2. Riftbreaker
  3. The Grimghast Vanguard
  4. Mistmerrow Champion
  5. Creatures from the Depths

  • Royal seeds can now be obtained when harvesting following bundles:
Pumpkin Seed Bundle
Potato Seed Bundle
Yam Seed Bundle
Pepper Seed Bundle
Cucumber Seed Bundle
Carrot Seed Bundle
Tomato Seed Bundle
Onion Seed Bundle
Garlic Seed Bundle
Strawberry Seed Bundle
Corn Seed Bundle
Rice Seed Bundle
Millet Seed Bundle
Wheat Seed Bundle
Oat Seed Bundle
Rye Seed Bundle
Peanut Seed Bundle
Bean Seed Bundle
Barley Seed Bundle
Quinoa Seed Bundle
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Player Nations

  • Now the cooldown of leaving an playernation or re- entering the playernation after the player has been accepted into an playernation or left an playernation is 2 weeks.
  • Now the maximum amount of players a playernation can hold is 80 players.
  • Now a sub-guild of the playernation can leave the nation with all its members. (The Guild leader can press the ''Leave'' button for the nation and the whole Guild will leave the nation. Players who are not of the same Main Nation (Haranya or Nuia) of the Guild Leader will remain in the Playernation).
  • Now the Playernation leader can kick an entire guild out of his playernation. (The Nation leader can expel a guild leader which will result in the entire sub-guild being kicked out of the nation).
  • Increased the cost of creating an alliance between Playernation and Haranya or Nuia Nation by 50%.


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Gems and Lunastones

  • 4.0 introduced a new Lunagem system that removed all the ways to receive old Lunagems and introduced new Lunagems with 100% chance to socket.
    As this change had not only a positive effect but a negative one as well, we decided to give players a chance to still obtain old lunagems that follow old pre-4.0 rng socketing system.
    Old lunagems will be possible to craft at a Handicraft Kiln using the “Shining Fragment”:
    • "Sealed Arms Lunagem" = Shining Fragment x8
    • "Sealed Waist Lunagem" = Shining Fragment x10
    • “Sealed Lunagem” = Shining Fragment x6
  • Now players will obtain a Shining Fragment when completing quests such as:
  1. Lusca Awakening
  2. Defeat Kadum!
  3. The Cursed Towers
  4. Sea Breeze
  5. Win the Battle for the Golden Plains
The Shining Fragment are needed to obtain specific gems, belt and sleeve lunagems that were removed in the original version 4.0.

Following Gems can be obtained when exchanging Shining Fragments:

Lunagems list_1.jpg
Lunagems list_2.jpg

Following Lunagems for the belt can be obtained when exchanging for Shining Fragments:

Waist Lunagems list_2.jpg

Following Lunagems for the sleeves can be obtained when exchanging for Shining Fragments:

Arms Lunagems list_1.jpg
Arms Lunagems list_2.jpg
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  • Increased the success chance of regrading gear.
  • From Arcane to Heroic the chance increased by 2 times.
  • From Heroic to Unique the chance increased by 2 times.
  • From Unique to Celestial the chance increased by 2 times.
  • From Celestial to Divine the chance increased by 2 times.
  • From Divine to Epic the chance increased by 30%.
  • From Epic to Legendary the chance increased by 20%.
  • From Legendary to Mythic the chance increased by 10%.
  • So, if in version 3.5 the chance of successful regrading a weapon to Legendary was 5.2% it will now be 6.2% success rate.


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  • The system of the friends-list in the game was changed.​
  • If Player A added Player B to friends list, but player B does not have Player A on friendlist, then Player B will be deleted from Player A's friendslist.​
  • Now, if you want to add someone as friend, the other player will receive a notification asking for permission to be added as friend.​
  • If the player cancels the friend-list request, the sender will be informed that the friend request was rejected.​
  • If both players agree, then they will appear as friend in both friendlists.​
  • If you delete a friend, you will also be deleted on the other players friendlist.​
  • An additional option to Auto-decline friend invites was added to the options in the game.​
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