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  • С сервером возникли технические проблемы, скоро он будет онлайн, немножко терпения.
    Благодарю за понимание. Server will be back online shortly.
    The server unfortunately is not accessable again, I will try to reach the admins now but please expect a delay as it is very late at night.
    The server is currently down due to some issues, it will be back up as soon the issue is fixed! Please stay patient.
    There are currently some game issues, please be patient as we wait for the admins to fix it! -coffee for everyone-
    Do NOT click on the Links in spam topics on the forum. I will delete the posts as soon I see them.
    If there are any questions or issues don't hesistate to write to me and I will try to help you out. ^_^
    As I told you several times, I am not in charge of banning players nor the ticket responses. All I can tell you is to wait and be patient.
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