[Patch] ArcheRage 5.0 Custom Changes


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players, we are excited to announce you our custom Version 5.0 changes.

General Changes:

  • Added the ability to select and cancel all available quests in the Players Quest log.​
  • The number of heroes that can be elected to the council will remain identical to 4.7 and will be reduced at a later date closer to the next global Update.​
  • The faction chat has been completely removed from the game - this change is necessary for the system to work and allowing players to change their factions.​
  • A new feature has been added to the privacy settings of the housing system - ''Only allow members of your faction''​
  • The daily rewards Calendar was extended to now hold 28 days instead of 25. The final bonus reward will be given on day 28.​
  • Players can now receive the custom decor that was previously dropped by the Thunderwing Titan also from the Furious Thunderwing.​

Gear Changes:

  • Removed the ability to dismantle old T1, T2 and T4 Obsidian Gear. Old Obsidian T3 (new T1) can be dismantled into Hiram Infusions but the amount will be 2 times less - but rounded up.​

Skill Changes:

  • The defiance skill now has a 6 minute cooldown and will reset upon death.​

Cargo Changes:

  • Kraken tentacles now have a freshness timer identical to the freshness timer of the Delphinad Ghost Ship Slabs.​

Achievement Changes:

  • The Achievement ''Hereafter Herald'' will now reward Gilda Stars.​
  • The Achievement ''Best Buddy'' will now reward Gilda Stars.​

Trade Changes:

  • The ability to use the old 3.0 trading system is now fully deactivated. This change is due to the issue that with the 5.0 update the old 3.0 trading system is no longer supported in the client.​
  • Weekly events such as the ''Merchants Day'' will be changed, you will now have to use cargo to complete them. More information will be published in a separate topic about it.​
  • Payment time it takes for you to obtain your trading payment will now be 8 hours instead of 22 hours.​

Healing Changes:

  • Now the healing received from post-healing effects no longer gets affected by character stats like critical heal rate, critical heal bonus, healing or healing power.​
  • Items that grand post heal will only heal for the amount stated on the item.​

Faction Changes:

  • Added the ability to switch Main faction to a weaker one. (More infos and details for this system will be published on a separate topic)​
  • To switch to the other faction, you need to have at least 5000 Language Proficiency of said faction, at least 8000 Gear Score, are not part of the hero council, finished Chapter 20 and 21 of the Custom questline and are not part of the Pirate Faction.​
  • One player can change their faction no more than 1 time per 2 months.​
  • All guards will now cause a debuff that reduces incoming healing by 50% when attacked.​

Playernation Changes:

  • All Player Nations will automatically be disbanded after the 5.0 Patch. Players who were part of an Player Nation will be sent back home to their home faction.​
  • The castles will remain with the guild owners of the Player Nations and the Guild itself will be moved to the Guild Leaders home faction.​
  • Player Nations can no longer be created.​

Game Client Changes:

  • Added the 64x game client, this will only work if your operating system is also a 64 bit version.​

Marketplace Changes:

  • Added the ability to search for specific items in the marketplace.​
  • Added a more wider variety of items to the marketplace.​