[Patch] ArcheRage 4.7 Custom Changes


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players, we are excited to announce you our custom Version 4.7 changes.

General Changes.png

  • The way of obtaining Scented Leaves and Royal Seeds will stay the same as in version 4.5. (You can obtain them from both, single planting seeds and planting bundles)​
  • Sealed Whole Lunafrost, Sealed Flawless Lunafrost and Sealed Cracked Lunafrost will all be unbound when picking up instead of bound.​
  • There will be no changes made to the Recovery Pouch, it will stay identical to version 4.5.​
  • Archeum Tree Saplings and Regrade Braziers will still be obtainable from crates like in version 4.5.​
  • The droprate for the Archeum Tree Sapling will not be changed. It will stay like in version 4.5.​
  • Obtaining Dungeon Scrolls will remain the same as in 4.5.​
  • The required Item amounts to craft Chum Buckets was slightly changed. It will require only 30 instead of 60 Baitworms and 20 instead of 40 Ground Grain.​
  • The Delphinad Ghost Ship Slab can be sold for both Charcoal or Gold in Freedich Island.​
  • The Chat Filter was fixed and will work properly now.​
  • Added a wider variety of rewards for the Login Badge in Mirage Isle.​
  • Reduced the materials needed to craft Multipurpose Larders.​
  • Made several changes to the 4.7 trading system. You will still receive bonus when turning in the packs shortly after they were crafted, but the infamous ''middle stage'' which doesnt provide high profits nor reduces profits has been increased from orginally 1hour to 3 days. Now players will have 3 days longer to hand over their packs at the original price with 0% bonus before the quality and price will start decreasing.​


  • The chance of worldbosses dropping Lunagems was increased.​


  • The nerfes previously made to Erenor Equipment will be reversed and Erenor will regain its full power.​
  • The chance of successfully awakening Hiram Gear using the Hiram Awakening Scroll was doubled, the success chance is now 20% instead of 10%.​
  • The chance of successfully awakening Hiram Gear using the Sacred Hiram Awakening Scroll was increased by 20% and is now 60% and not 50%.​


  • Added a new Guild Feature - Improved Guild Shop. In particular a new Guild Certificate was added - which applies discounts to all items in the guild shop. The amount of discount depends on the guild level.​
  • The discount is valid for 7 days and is updated every monday. So if you activate a certificate on Sunday, you will have to refresh it on Monday.​
  • The Improved Guild Shop Certificate can be crafted on the Guild Certificate Workbench.​
  • Added additional useful items to the Guild Shop.​