Happy Birthday ArcheRage!


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One more year has passed in it seems lightning speed, our server is finally celebrating its 3rd Birthday!
Yes, its almost unbelievable but today our beloved ArcheRage turns 3 years old! This is really amazing because it seems the years have passed so quickly... it seems just like yesterday when our servers door opened for our amazing player base.

Now our server has made a name of its own and is standing on its very own feet welcoming all the new players who strive to experience an amazing game together with us, our lovely returning players who miss to jump into the world of ArcheRage and of course - you!
You who has been with us through this amazing journey, giving your suggestions, your ideas and letting us know how you feel.

For 3 years our team has been working hard to ensure that the world of ArcheRage blooms and turns to be more than just a game for our dear players.

Over the past year, many ideas came to mind, many which were implemented... yes we also had difficulties, various errors and things that did not go well, but we have given our best to eliminate such issues as quickly as possible.

Thoughts about our server, about ideas, possibilities has often even haunted us at night.
But your - our dear players dedication to our project, your warmth and responsiveness has helped us immensely to go through various hardships.

Over these 3 years, our server has become a cozy and comfortable place for many players... and we are gaining many more friends who find exactly what they like on our server.
We are building the history and memories on this server together with you.

Your positive and pleasant words inspire us to reach more and more achievements.
Without you, our server would not be where it is now and it would not be what it is now.

Our ArcheRage is very unique and special in its own way. Don't hesitate, our team will continue to try and always bring something new and interesting so that each of you players are comfortable and enjoy your time.

We thank our players, our friends - for their support, warm words, responsiveness to questions, for your creativity and your love for our server!

And on this day, we congratulate everyone on the 3rd Anniversary of our server, our very own and magical world of ArcheRage!

Thank you for being with us!

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