[Mini Event] ArcheRage's Birthday!


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players!
In honor of our Servers 3rd Anniversary we will start the Mini-Event: ArcheRage's Birthday after todays maintenance!

To join our festive event you need to claim the ''Gift'' in your Account Panel on our website.
*The gift will be available shortly AFTER our maintenance on 25.02.2020.


Every account that is not banned and has characters on it are able to receive this gift.

Players who have created their account after 25.02.2020 will not be able to receive this gift.

Then, once you claimed your gift, you will see in your inventory a special item called ''The ArcheRage Holiday Effect''.

Upon using this item, you can receive special event quests in Mirage Isle for 14 days. The task can be taken 1 time a day.


If you open the ''Anniversary Missions'' chest, you will receive your first quest and once you completed your task you will receive Festival Coins which you can exchange for nice rewards on the new Festival Workbench in Mirage Isle!


The Mini-Event will last from 26.02.2020 until 11.03.2020 (inclusive).