Technical Restart on 04.02.2020


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Dear players!
The server will be going down for a Technical Restart on February 4, 2020 at 23:00 CET (01:00MSK).

The estimated down time will be: 40 minutes.

List of changes
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General Changes:
  • Fixed the Moonlight Kitsus Skill Description.
  • Fixed the speed of Moonlight Kitsu when moving sideways.
  • The event ''Yata or Greenman'' is completed, now there will be 6 different Greenman costumes on sale in Mirage Isle.
  • The Greenman costumes can be purchased for 1000 credits each in Mirage Isle.
  • When leaving a guild, the guild-join cooldown is reduced from 4 to 2 days.
  • New Mini-Event ''Love Detective'' started. The event will last until February 20, 2020. Visit Mirage to find out more!

The Team of ArcheRage wishes everyone a good day.