[Special] Happy New Year 2020


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players!

The Year 2019 is coming to an end, there are only hours left until we officially take our first step into the year 2020.

2019 has marked a very great year for our server, we have had exciting new events and questlines, amazing battles, big surprise updates, our version 4.0 and of course many many discussions both on the forum and on discord!

We went through this year together with you - dear players, and we are happy that you have joined our journey for another year!

In 2019 our team has tried their best to look after your wishes and suggestions and present updates in a faster pace than we have done before... and we strive for the exact same for the year 2020.

Our entire ArcheRage Team wishes everyone a happy new year 2020.

We hope that this year will be exciting and joyful, that you can forget all the negativity and perhaps bad moments of 2019 and start fresh in another year!
We hope you will reach all your ''New-Years-Goals'' (don't we all have something like that? :D) and of course, we hope that you will keep joining us for the coming year in our adventure of ArcheRage!

We wish for you to have success in everything you try, maybe even on eternal regrades... who knows?

Either way.... Happy New Year dear friends of ArcheRage!