Server Update February 7, 2023


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator

The server will be going down for its scheduled maintenance on February 7, 2023 at 23:00 CET (01:00MSK).
The estimated down time will be: 40 minutes.

  • Fixed a bug with the Face of death quest, items will no longer dissapear and therefor make the completion of the quest impossible.
  • Invincible enemy quest now will reward a chest with 5 rewards instead of 5 rewards taking up 5 slots.
  • The face of death quest will now only give 1 item at the start of the quest not 2, to save inventory slots.
  • Fixed Maelstrom Arena rewards bug.
  • Fixed some textures in the Prison to avoid players going into holes and through walls.
  • Removed one of the double Companion Growthstone from the Arena Shop.
  • The Adventurers Goblet of Honor and Orange Goblet of Honor now will count towards the achievement ''Theatrical Techniques''.
  • Replaced the outdated rewards from Waveworn Sack.
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Ghost Wedding Festival relaunched from 08.02.2023 - 21.08.2023
Launched the Love Detective Mini event - you can check it's details in the Schedule Tab.

The Team of ArcheRage wishes everyone a good day.