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Dear players,

I think it is a good time to hear about your opinion on events / shop updates and your wishes for our server.

Many times players approach me with their ideas and their suggestions, alot of suggestions we were able to successfully implement and change already and because sometimes things might get out of hand I am starting this topic for you to give us your feedback.

Keep in mind though, that of course not every wish can be granted, and not every feedback can be turned into a reality, but we are trying our very best to improve the game and server for you.

Possible feedback you could give as an example:
  • Please add XYZ into the Weekly Chests
  • Please make Item XYZ tradeable / sellable on auction house
  • Please add more XYZ orientated rewards to festivals and or XYZ kind of events.
  • Please add XYZ Costume / decoration to the store
  • XZY still does not work properly, please fix it

If you have seen items or festivals that you want to see on our server and that were added within version 3.5 then go ahead leave me a Private message with the link to said festivals.

If there are any still remaining quest bugs that still cannot be finished or similar I would ask of you to go ahead and use: to find the quest that is bugged and leave me its ID on this topic or in a Private message.

Please do not insult or use inappropiate comments / language on this post, also refrain from flooding it with offtopic since I will delete anything that is Offtopic.

Discussing about feedback given is ok.

Let us hear what you have to say, and maybe we can make it a better experience for everyone!​
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We need a box that contains divine anchoring charms as a jackpot. Like instead of containing a mount or pet, it would be a regrade focused box. The na server has these on their chests for a long time, and note that im not suggesting a permanent introduction of these in the cicle of the rng chests, just for one box cycle :)

Maybe the addition of lord coins and archerage favor tokens into the list of items that you can sell in AH would be nice as well, many people want them and could avoid the hassle of cross faction trading, and such avoiding mail scammers and other issues that would in turn hassle the developer team.
Just a few ideas ! :)


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Please start using instead of database, there was some complications and codex is the official continuation of the projects and actually still works properly.
For more infor refer to:

Oh, and make Serendipity Stones sellable!
And please make weekly box clutter loot better when the jackpot is not collectable or wanted item.
Thanks for that heads up korn!
And I already requested for Serendipity stones to be sellable ^_^


I was taking a look at the events that are available in mirage, and at least via the rewards, that are not too good or too bad. My preference would go to either the Thiorium or the Elite Trader events.


Think the new/old player promotion should be permanent to boost new players. The server is so far deep in legacy mode, that its not fun for new players to start at all, let alone stick around. Would even go as far as to give them stronger gear to be around 4k ish score. I doubt anyone ever enjoyed grinding trash mobs with low gear for t1-4 materials while still trying to come up with money to get their farms going etc. especially since freedich camping and pirating is so prominent.


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Keep the feedback coming guys! Im writing down everything to send a bunnnch of suggestions to the admins and we will see what can be made reality. i like all of yours suggestions for now, and I am very certain alot of them can be taken into the game!

Add in that item that makes boats go 30% faster, it is super hard to build a ship now because you have no chance vs that
That is the ''collection breather'' it appears from time to time in a weekly chest. We unfortunately cannot just add it to the store or game like that but it will soon be coming back :)


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Copy pasted from my original post on the Russian side of things.

1) Adding the Custom forum & in-game events to the red text popup in game I.E. The Era of merchants as a popup Letting the people that don't actively use the forums know this exists.
2) Change the diamond shore generals to be non-hostile to their respective factions.
3) For us English players the teleport book being in English would be great.


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Dear Dev Team.

Looking at the current state of archerage I see 1 big problem that I wanted to adress.

As everybody knows you can kick dead people which is highly toxic so I have thought about something that could stop those levels of toxicity. This is also something that a lot of popular games have but we don't so this is also a way to attract new players. What do all those games like fortnite have that we don't? That is right we don't have a /dab/ emote. This would be good for the following reasons:

1. No need to kick dead bodies anymore when you can ironically dab on somebody.
2. We can attract new players with our hip and exlusive emotes so that will attract more people from the official servers.

I spoke with some archeage experts who say that making new emotes and animations is pretty hard so I'm not sure if this is even possible but I still wanted address this problem and I hope to hear from you.

Yours Truly,



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Give us 4.5 base stats:

Strength per point --0.2 DPS, 0.020% Parry (up from 0.006%), no longer provides shield block, 0.013% Melee Accuracy (up from 0.012%), 0.027% Melee Critical Rate (up from 0).

Agility per point -- 0.2 DPS, 0.01% Evasion, 0.013% Ranged Accuracy (up from 0.012%), no longer provides Melee Critical Rate, 0.027% Ranged Accuracy (up from 0.013%).

Stamina per point -- No longer provides parry, 0.016% Shield Block (up from 0), 12 health, no longer provides Ranged Critical Rate, 0.2 Health Regen (up from 0).

Intelligence per point -- 0.2 DPS, 0.01% Evasion, 12 Mana, 0.013% Magic Accuracy (up from 0.012%), 0.03% Magic Critical Rate.

Spirit per point -- 0.2 DPS, 0.020% Parry (up from 0), 1 Magic Defense, no longer provides Melee Accuracy, no longer provides Ranged Accuracy, 0.013% Magic Accuracy (up from 0.012%), 0.03% Critical Heal Rate, no longer provides Health Regen, 0.2 Mana Regen.