[Patch] ArcheRage 7.0 Release


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players, patch 7.0 will be installed on our server on November 22, 2022 at 23:00 CET.
The server will go down for an estimated 3hours.

The 7.0 client will be available via torrent.
Gifts for 7.0 will be posted soon.

Custom Changes from the ArcheRage Team:
  • Erenor Armor and Weapon Conversion Scrolls will be added to the game.
  • Brilliant Erenor Armor and Weapon Conversion Scrolls will be added to the game.
  • Red Dragon instance rewards increased. Increased twice the Red Dragon Spinal Ridge Shards player can receive from the Red Dragon Pouch.
  • Absorb Damage (Auramancy Passive Skill) previous custom changes removed. It will now work the following way: Converts 13% of Received Damage to Health for 9 seconds. This ability has a 20 sec Cooldown once triggered.
  • Reduced the growth time of the Farmhand system.
  • Vehicles that have gotten the Vehicle Customization Option will now also have the Music Disc tab in the Vehicle Customization Window, this also includes the custom Vehicle Dark Wind. Music Discs that were previously used in cars will be sent to the players per mail after the update.
  • Mirage isle has undergone alot of visual and map changes. The old race track was removed and a new race track will soon be released in the Wonderland.
  • The main building has undergone changes with its interior, workbenches outside of the main building have been moved.

Changes made to the Capture The Flag Arena:
  • Battle time reduced to 10minutes.
  • Now capturing 3 flags will earn you the win.
  • The player carrying the flag only gets a debuff reducing incoming healing by -30%.
  • The anomalies spawning inside the arena now reduce the speed by 10% for 10 seconds or increase it by 50% for 5 seconds.

The following items can now be stacked up to 1000:

  • Daru Warrior's Boost
  • Daru Mage's Boost
  • Bound Meditation Grimoire
  • Bound Experience Grimoire
  • Bound Greedy Grimoire
  • Bound Haste Grimoire
  • Bound Promise Grimoire
  • Bound Zeal Grimoire
  • Bound Fierce Grimoire
  • Bound Temper Grimoire.

Added to the gamestore on an permament basis:

  • Fireglow Gem Carver Crate
  • Copperglow Gem Carver Crate
  • Waveglow Gem Carver Crate
  • Earthglow Gem Carver Crate
  • Galeglow Gem Carver Crate
  • Sunglow Gem Carver Crate
  • Mysterious Planthouse
  • Vitalizing Treat (х1)
  • Vitalizing Treat (х3)
  • Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Gathering
  • Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Farming
  • Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Logging
  • Wrapped Farmhand Equipment: Husbandry
  • Tahyang's Lunastone
  • Lucius's Lunastone
  • Kyprosa's Lunastone
  • Inoch's Lunastone
  • Melisara's Lunastone
  • Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll
  • Grand Weapon Type Conversion Scroll
  • Splendid Armor Type Conversion Scroll
  • Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scroll
  • Erenor Armor Conversion Scroll
  • Brilliant Erenor Armor Conversion Scroll
  • Erenor Weapon Conversion Scroll
  • Brilliant Erenor Weapon Conversion Scroll
  • Music Disc: Basic v.5
  • Farmer's Blessing Stipend