[Mini Event] Hide and Seek!


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Greetings to you, our dear players of our lovely server! Many of you liked our hide and seek event, but it did not happen very often... so we have decided to change it up a little bit and bring it back!

How does it work?

A screenshot will be posted in this topic of our event managers character.
His character will be displayed on a location, that you will have to find within 1 hour!

  • Anyone can join
  • Sometimes the place will be on peaceful areas, other times it might be in an territority of an enemy faction.
  • The event is held for all factions and playernations at the same time.
  • The event will be held 2-3 times a week.

The exact time when this event starts will be published on the forum 1 day before the start.

Why are we doing this kind of Event?

  • Its simple, you can have a little fun with us, throw away the seriousness of clearing all your dailies, hunting your enemies or tending to your garden and crops nonstop!
  • Second - It's an easy way to earn some credits to buy yourself something nice... or sell them to make some gold!

Event Rules:

1. There will be 1 winner for each location.
2. Do not personally write to our Event Manager for hints of his location - there will be no answer.
3. The places choosen for the Events will always change.
4. The Nickname of the Winner will be written on the Ingame Chat as soon the player finds our Event Manager, so that players who still search know that they can stop.
5. PvP is allowed, but not desired.
6. You do not have to register for this event.
7. There will be 2 screenshots (2 locations) but one person can not win both Hide and Seek!


''Hide and Seek''

Winner - 2000 Credits

Did you tank enough sunlight? Ready to play Hide and Seek with us?! Then go ahead and join us! Good luck!
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There were modifications for this event.
Please make sure to reread the main post!

The next ''Hide and Seek'' will be held tomorrow 23 June, 2019.
A screenshot of the secret location will appear on this topic at 11:00 CEST!


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First person - Sinewy 1500 Credits
Second person - Bigbossmazafaka 1000 Credits
Third person - Nepjos 500 Credits


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The ''Hide and Seek'' Event was updated after gathering some recommendations from players!
Please reread the main post.

New changes:
There will only be one winner - the reward will be 2000 Credits.
There will be 2 screenshots (2 locations, which totals to 2 winners).​

The next ''Hide and Seek'' Event will be on June 25, 2019.
At 19:00 CEST the first screenshot will be posted.

The second screenshot will be posted ~10minutes after the first winner was decided.​