[Info] Ping and Skills


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Dear players.

The ability to view your client ping and FPS was added to the game.

What do we mean with client ping?

Client ping, this is not about the ping you have when connecting to the server, but about the ping + the time it takes for the client to process all the packet data sent by the server to the client. Which also means that if the client is heavily loaded it will take a longer time to process the package which again will result in the client ping being higher.


We have a ping of 60 and we are using the Skill ''Endless Arrow'' of the Archery Branch in the game, logically speaking; the delay of which Endless arrow is casted should be 60 milliseconds, but after we have successfully pressed ''Endless Arrow'' we have just sent a packet from our client to the server.
The server then processes the packet and sends it back to the client, after which yet again your client will process this packet and only after that the server will be able to ''cast'' the Endless Arrow. This whole process is called the client ping.

How do you enable the display of client ping and FPS?

ESC -> Options -> Game Settings -> Game Info -> Display frame rate and ping.

Thanks for your attention.