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Dear players,

day after day you find yourself spending your time either slaying (or trying to) your enemies, taking care of your plots or doing very exhausting trade runs. For many players, this is what they want to do... for other players they strive to be the best in something else... something... more fashionable. To be perfect and beautiful in whichever way.

Often times, we forget to remember what beauty really is... is it the outside shell of an person? is it the soul? we are wondering and we are trying to find out together with you!
Are you truely beautiful? from the inside out? Show it to us!

We have decided to host a beauty contest... in a way you have not seen it before on our server! You will be able to show off everything you got!


  • The event will be held as a beauty contest, consisting of 4 rounds.
  • Our Event Manager will be the host.
  • There will be 3 jury members which will assist our Event Manager in judging the participants.
  • A day before the contest, a trial run will be held with all participants. (so you dont get cold feet!)
  • The event will be held infront of atleast 5 other contestants.
  • Anyone can take part, doesnt matter which language you speak aslong you understand the rules!
  • The beauty contest will take place in the Musical Theater in Caernord (Ynystere)


  • Prepare a small opening speech and tell us about yourself! (Round #1)
  • Prepare to be creative! (Round #2)
  • Practice your skills to improvise! (Round #3)
  • Prepare 3 different outfits for your character.


  1. Outfit Round 1 - Eveningwear / Ballroomwear
  2. Outfit Round 2 - Your everyday clothing
  3. Outfit Round 3 - Swimsuit / Bikinis, Underwears etc.

How will the Contest be held?

Round 1
The Event Host will call the participants to the stage, every participant has to line up in a line wearing Outfit Round 1.
Each participant will be asigned a number beforehand, remember this number well.
Each number will be called after another to come forward, introduce him/herself to the public and the jury and tell a little something about themselves.
After everyone has successfully introduced themselves, the Event Host will ask everyone to go backstage and prepare for Round 2.

Round 2
All participants will get called on stage again in Outfit Round 2.
Now, if your number gets called you will have to demonstrate your creativity. You can sing, dance, tell us a joke, play a musical instrument or tell us a poem made by you.
After every contestant has finished, the host will tell everyone to go backstage and prepare for the third round.

Round 3
The Event Host will call all the participants to the stage once more, this time wearing their last outfit of Round 3.
Now a intellectual competition will start, in which each participant has to answer questions given from the Event Host, the jury or a selected spectator.
The questions will range in a wide variety of themes, not only about the game.

The Final
The final and last stage of the beauty contest, the Event Host and the Jury members will leave shortly for a meeting and then announce the beauty contest winners!

To take part in this beauty contest, please apply in the following topic
Apply in this form:
1. Nickname
2. Picture of your character (preferably face)
3. A comment about yourself


1. It is forbidden to flood the chat so the questions and answers cannot be read, behave in a mature manner, do not insult the jury, event host, participants or spectators.
2. PvP is not allowed, the only exception is if the contestant wishes to show their ''Talent'' in form of a duel with the help of his friend.
3. If you are planning on interrupting this event in any way, your account will be temporarily banned.
4. Male characters can also take part in our beauty contest!



1st Place - 5000 Credits, Title ''Perfection itself'' + Celestial Kitsu Mount.
It will be a custom made title, you may choose the stats of another title for this one.

2nd Place - 4000 Credits, Royal Griffin Mount.

3rd Place - 3000 Credits, Demon Kiss Costume.

Good luck dear players!

The Event will begin on July 21, 2019 at 17:00 CEST.
(The time/date may change at any time, to be up to date please pay attention to this forum posts!)


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Registration will be closed on 07.18 (Thursday) at 21:00(CEST). All participants are required to write me in discord @Aranzeb#1060. We will create a General chat for more convenient organization of the event and its rehearsal.


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Information for participants

Each stage will be as follows:
1. All participants initially sit in the hall (1).

2. The first contestant is waiting behind the scenes (2). After he is called, he enters the stage and performs (3). At this time, the next contestant is preparing to release behind the scenes (2), previously I will tell who's next.

3. The competitor ends the performance (3) and goes backstage (4), and then back to the audience (1).