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Instead of having to put a thousand words for this competition.... your mission is to create Memes!
Yes. ArcheRage Memes!

Contest objective:
  • Create 1 to 3 copyright memes of ArcheRage topics of your choice.
Contest details:
  • One participant - 1 work.
  • Each participant can create a maximum of 3 memes for the contest.
  • Only images, no videos.
  • There is no restriction on how much you edit your memes.
  • Each meme you create should have our Server Logo on it.
How will the memes be rated?
  • 1. We will look at how much the meme resembles situations on our server.
  • 2. We will look at how well or not well it is made.
  • 3. Ofcourse, your creativity while creating this meme. We want to see funny and unexpected memes!

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration & Forum Team.

Post your Memes on this topic [CLICK]


1st Place - 4000 Credits + Worm EX-1.
2nd Place - 3000 Credits + Glider Companion ''Red''
3rd Place - 2000 Credits + Carrot Wings Mount

If there are more than 15 people participating in our contest, 2 additional prizes of 500 credits will be added.

Good luck, dear players, show us what memes youve got up your sleeve!

The event will start July 15, 2019 and last until July 29, 2019.
The winners will be announced in this topic within three days of the final competition day.


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Competition results:
1 place - Mineski
2 place - Temmy
3 place - Лакшми

Prizes - Delph & Sandalas

All works were beautiful in their own unique way, but in the end, we had to choose.
See you at the new events!