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Music plays a big part in everyones life. It has a calming and soothing effect for many people. For others it is empowering and giving them the kick they need to start the day off right. It is the same for us, in ArcheRage... listening to music on our vehicles while we are driving to an event... carrying trade packs or just having a good time with our friends or fellow players... it makes us happy. It makes us enjoy the little things.

Your task: Create a music playlist for the vehicles in the game.​

Contest details and rules:

  • 1 participant - 1 entry.
  • Songs that contain profanity or vulgar language are prohibited.
  • Number of songs - minimum 7.

How will the winning playlist be choosen?
  • After everyone has submitted their playlist, each playlist will be given a number. After that, we will open an voting for 3 days and everyone can vote for their favorite playlist. As soon the voting ends, we will look for the winner and announce the winning playlist.

Submit your playlist here [CLICK]


1st place
- 6000 Credits + Your playlist will be added to the game in an new music disc
2nd place - 4000 Credits,
3rd place - 2000 Credits.

We are waiting for your playlist! Show us your favorite songs, good luck!
The contest will last from July 2, 2020 until July 11, 2020.


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator
Contest relaunched from July 2, 2020 until July 11, 2020!
Get your playlists ready!