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The update to our version ''Lord of the Seas'' 4.0 is very close!
That is why we have decided to launch an Art Contest.

Contest Objective:

  • Show us your character waiting and anticipating 4.0!​

Contest Details:

  • The Contest will be held in 2 categories: Hand-drawn(Classic) and Digital Art.​
  • One participant - 1 work.​
  • Using a graphic editor or any other editing software for the Classic Category is prohibited. Using a graphic editor for digital art is allowed.​
  • Your characters name and our server logo should be displayed on your work. (For Classic Submissions, its enough to write 'ArcheRage' and your nickname as signature.​

How will the entries be rated?

  • Creativity! We will look at how creative you have gotten, and we are very eager to see interesting art!​
  • We will look at your arts quality and its composition.​

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.

Submit your contest entry here [CLICK]



''Classic'' Category

1st Place -
5000 Credits + Phoenix Phish
2nd Place - 4000 Credits + Summer Racer's Swimwear
3rd Place - 3000 Credits + Delphinad Ghost Ship Statue

''Digital Art'' Category

1st Place - 5000 Credits + Aquestria
2nd Place - 4000 Credits + Beach Racer's Swimwear
3rd Place - 3000 Credits + Leviathan Statue

if there are 12 or more participants in an category, an additional 2 prizes of 1000 credits will be added to this category.

The contest will last from September 15, 2019 until October 6, 2019.
The winners will be announced within 3 days after the contest end.