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Do you have a lot of knowledge about the game? You know how to work certain classes or how to get an stable and great gold income? You want to share your knowledge with the world of ArcheRage? then this contest is for you!

Your Task: Write a detailed guide on your chosen class/build or gold income which are all relevant for our current game version (4.7).​

The contest will be held with 2 different categories:
''Best Build''
''Best Guide to Gold Making''
Contest Rules:
  • One participant - 1 entry.
  • You can only participate in 1 of the 2 categories.
  • The guide must be in Text Format.
  • Optionally - you may add necessary demo screenshots/GIF or short videos and spreadsheets.

Category ''Best Build''

  • You need to choose 1 class and make a detailed build guide on it, how to play it, what are its advantages, what skill combos exist etc.
  • If you wish - you can also write about the recommended gear, gliders pets and anything you see fit for your guide.
  • Your guide should be centered only around one class.

Post your contest guide here [CLICK]

Category ''Best Guide to Gold Making''

  • You need to write a detailed guide on how to make gold in ArcheRage.
  • You can describe 1-3 different ways of earning Gold.
  • You need to explain and inform about all resources spent and how much time it takes.

Post your contest guide here [CLICK]

Winning Criteria:
  • Originality, design and how creative.
  • The quality and relevance to our game version.
  • Compliance with the theme of the contest.
  • Compliance with the terms and conditions of participating.

Your work will be evaluated by: Server Administration, Forum Team.



1st Place - 5000 Credits + Dawn Griffin
Рассветный грифон.png
2nd Place - 4000 Credits + Golden Astra Wings
Глайдер «Крылья верховного жреца Пантеона».png
3rd Place - 3000 Credits + Furious Resolution
Костюм небесного стража.png

*if there are more than 15 participants - 2 additional prizes of 1000 credits will be given out.

Good luck dear players!

The Contest will last from August 25, 2020 until September 14, 2020.

The results will be published within 3 day after the contests completion.