[Event] Return of the heroes


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Dear players!

In honor of our global update ''ArcheRage 4.0 Maelstrom'' we have launched a new mini-event called ''Return of the heroes''.
Every player who has not logged into the game atleast once in the past 60 days can take part and receive gifts!

In order to take part, you need to log into your personal account on our website and apply for the ''Gift of the returning hero'' to obtain the gifts.​

The player will receive following items:

  • Gilda Stars (200)
  • Merit Badges (100)
  • Loyality Token (100)
  • 1 Gazebo Farm Design (24x24)
  • Bound Cryptic Lucky Scroll (5)
  • Lavaspark (10 days)
  • Merchant Schooner (7 days)
  • Farm Freighter (7 days)
  • Thunder Dash (10 days)
  • Buff: ''Returning Hero''

When a player activates the buff ''Returning Hero'', the player will be able to perform various tasks within 14 days.
You will receive those tasks from a special NPC in Mirage Isle.
The tasks can be completed once every 12 hours, there are a total of 14 different tasks.

For each completed task the player will receive a great reward.​
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