[Battle Ground] Violent Maelstrom


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''Violent Maelstrom'' is a new version of the arena. You will enter it through the Arena menu.

Let's start from the begin:
  • In this arena there will be 2 teams of 6 players each which will fight team versus team.​
  • The teams will be selected randomly between every participant.​
  • Only players with level 55 can join this Naval Arena.​
  • As in the already known arenas, the new Naval Battleground will have its own map.​


  • Each team has it's own base and on said base there are 6 Customized Speedboat for each participant.

  • Players and ships located on the starting base of the arena will be invincible to any damage.​
  • On the actual arena using gliders or pets is prohibited.​
  • The teams are given 1 minute preparation time before the battle starts, after this 1 minute there will be a timer counting down until the match end.​
  • Each destroyed ship will reward 20 points.
  • Both, ships and players will be respawning after being destroyed / killed.​
  • The fight will last until the timer runs out, and the team with the most points will win.​
  • The fight will automatically end when one team reaches 200 points even if there is still time left.​

At the start of the battle, each boat will have 1 attacking skill.
Additional skills can be picked up on the water when collecting items.


  • In total the ship can have 2 attacking skills.
  • The player can change the chosen attacking skill if he re-selects another skill on the map.
  • To obtain a skill you simply need to drive around the map until a skill appears for a short amount of time.
  • Skills will always appear on a random place.
  • The losing team will receive honor points, the winning team will receive honor and 1 Sea Wolf Coin.

  • As reward for the battle, players will receive honor points and also Sea Wolf Coins.
  • Sea wolf coins can be exchanged for various rewards in special workbenches which will be located on the different bases in Diamond shores and on Freedich Island.

Are you ready to fight in the Violent Maelstrom? We will be waiting!