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If you're a true warrior, competition doesn't scare you. It makes you better.

Tournament Details:

  • The Tournament will take place in form of a team competition.​
  • The Tournament will be held in 3 different leagues.​
  • The Battles will be 3 versus 3.​
  • The Tournament will be held if there are atleast 4 teams participating for each league.​
  • Everyone can join our tournament, regardless of the language they speak.​
  • Only teams that have applied for this tournament can take part in it.​
  • If you have to replace a member of your team, please write to our Event Manager ''Aranzeb#1060'' in Discord. You can switch people until 1hour before tournament start.​
  • The tournament will be held in Karkasse Ridgelands in the Red Dragon Keep.​

What should you prepare?

  • Buffs / Potions​
  • Teamwork​
  • Fire Extinguisher (It can get very hot in there :D)​
How will the tournament be held?

  • On the day of the tournament, we will publish a tournament tree in which all teams will be listed that have registered and applied to this tournament.​
  • The teams that are up to fight will be announced.​
  • Buff and rebuff time is given.​
  • Once both teams are ready, the start of the battle will be announced.​

  • Hero Statue Buff and Nation Statue Buffs are not allowed, please disable them beforehand.​
  • Using any kind of pets are forbidden. (Combat, RIding, Powerstone Pets)​
  • It is forbidden to use the Raven Spine Glider.​
  • All potions and buffs are allowed.​
  • You are allowed to have any kind of team composition for the 3 versus 3 fight. Changing class after the fight started is not allowed. Changing your class in between fights is allowed.​
  • Changing your weapon in middle of the fight is allowed, but only if your gearscore does not exceed the maximum gearscore of your league.​


  1. Every participant can only be ressed 1 time in each fight.​
  2. If you are the last player alive from your team, you are allowed to use the invincibility skill only 2 times.​


  • Golden League - Gearscore 6500 +​
  • Silver League - Gearscore 5500-6500.​
  • Bronze League - Gearscore 4000-5500.​

It is allowed to take in 1 player in your team whose gearscore is + - 100 from the league you are applying to.
(As example: 2 Players 6700 Gearscore, 1 Player 6400 Gearscore: The team will be placed into the Golden League).
(Two Players Gearscore 5400, 1 Player Gearscore 5600. The team will be placed in the bronze league).

The gear will be controlled during registration. As example if an player wants to register for the bronze league but has Erenor, T7 or Mythic weapons, they will not be allowed into the league.

Rules for spectators of the tournament:

  • Keep a safe distance from the battle area.​
  • Do not disturb the tournament participants in any way. Do not summon mounts, cars, tractors etc and do not fly above the battle ground.​
  • It is forbidden to attack any of the participants as spectator.​
  • It is forbidden to start duels while the tournament is ongoing.​
  • It is forbidden to insult or in any other way disrespect or use foul language in relation to any of the participants.​

If you are trying to interrupt this tournament, you will be banned.

To register for the tournament, please file an application for your team in [THIS] thread.


Each player of the winning teams will receive:

Golden League
8000 Credits - Honorable Victory Potion x10

Silver League
6000 Credits - Honorable Victory Potion x7

Bronze League
5000 Credits - Honorable Victory Potion x5

Good luck dear players!

The Tournament will be held on September 15, 2019 at 14:00 CEST (15:00 MSK).

Participants should arrive to the tournament location atleast half an hour before the start.
There might be changes or corrections for different leagues, so please keep an eye out on this topic.

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