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  1. Erayda

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    В данной теме вы можете оставлять свои работы. Основная тема ивента [ТУТ].

    Работы оформляете следующим образом:

    1. Ник автора
    2. Название ролика.
    3. Ссылка на видео (или спойлер).
    4. Комментарий к видео, по желанию.

    Всем удачи!
  2. Jecker

    Jecker New Member

    1. Кескон.
    2. ArcheRage - театр. А мы - актёры!
    4. Небольшой видеоролик со смыслом.
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  3. Semny

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    Так там не ясно к кому я обращаюсь и что он скинул.
  4. Erayda

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    Открою секрет – процитировать можно и в другую тему. Хватит засорять эту.
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  5. Crysanium

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    1. Crysanium
    2. A tigers roar
    4. Spent alot of time, thought might as well write a whole background story for my character :) Since we got the new custom made story line, I kind of went along the flow and took some parts of it with into my story.
    There are russian subtitles on the video, and a vary of other subtitles on youtube.
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  6. Riddimgr

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    well done Crys, very well created, hell you got me thinking up a story for the Queen of the Warborns now ^^
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  7. Rikku

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    Ohhhh I love that Story :)
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  8. Semny

    Semny Well-Known Member

    Все, конкурс можно заканчивать, Крис победила, лучше уже не будет. [​IMG]
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  9. FogMan

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    It turned out great, I like :rolleyes:
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  10. Crysanium

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    Thank you everyone... I really appreciate all the praise 'please but lets not flood this topic! It's for players works only, for discussion or anything, please head to THIS topic. Thank you all ^_^
  11. Prekrati

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    1. Prekrati
    2. The Fastest
    4. I translated the text of the video for english part of community. I hope you will understand idea, turn on the subtitles on youtube. If you can't, I put full text hre

    I was very spoiled girl, grew up and live in prosperity, while the people of my country experience hunger and deprivation.
    But I didn't care, never thought about it, how different life can be, I just enjoyed here and now.
    I dance and drink until I pass out, every evening at a local bardelle,where I have many admirers .
    But don't think, I'm not some kind of slut, T'm a lady from a noble family.
    My father is the governor of these lands. His high post he received thanks to
    his courage, which he showed at defense of our city. But it was a long time ago, at a time when I was just a kid
    and I don't remember much about those times. My mother told me that many years ago demon has invaded our world.
    And he terrified everyone around, he desired all the human souls, so people were ought to extract mass blood sacrafices .
    This had been lasting for ages, until people didn't rise and didn't defeat him.
    Demon, in the end, could not be killed, but mages managed to imprison him in the stone.
    Now it is a peaceful but very difficult time. People did not get stronger after those times.

    My sisters ... They always laugh at me, despise and hate, however, I do not really like them either.
    *It looks like the last one was superfluous, it is necessary to gather and greet Mom and Dad*
    -Hello Mom, Daaaa... Buuuaaaa!!
    -What a disgrace...
    -My daughter, how painful it is for me to look at you
    -You completely lost your shame and conscience!
    Your behavior categorically does not suit me!
    -Forgive me, this won't happen again!
    -No, not this time! This time...you won't get away with this! You're old enough to get your punishment!

    I want to teach you a lesson! I deprive you of your unconcered
    life, now you will work about the house!
    -Begin tomorrow, as you wake up!THe house must be ideally clean!
    -No, I won't do it!
    -You have no choice, my decision is
    not discussed!
    -Please don't do this to me...

    That's how I lost money, freedom and my easy life ... But this does not mean that I will plow in the house.
    It's so humiliating, working, even for my parents. I just will not do anything all day!
    And then we'll see what they say on this. I think they will not throw me out on the street ...

    -If you don't want to solve the problem in a peaceful way, then it's going to be a war! Get out of the house! Today you sleep on the street!

    Before I left, I took my glider.I have always wanted to explore the neighborhood from a height.
    Finally, I have time for this. From a height, the city looks beautiful, he was not affected by the destruction
    High and powerful walls on one side and the sea on another protected him from the enemies. What can not be said about the settlements located around the city.
    There are just ruins and the consequences of battles, villages are burnt down, and fortresses are destroyed.
    I have never seen this before

    Next morning I asked for forgiveness and as a sign
    that my attitude to life has changed, I decided to collect the provisions and take them to the villagers.
    My parents liked my initiative, they have forgiven me and allowed to start.

    *What a horrible place...What happened to these people..?*

    *Who's that?!*

    Help! Help me!
    *I barely got away...So, what's that in far?*
    *I'm uncomfortable near this obelisk...*
    Obelisk: I'm the ancient spirit of this world - keeper of these lands.

    Our meeting is no accident, a force hides in you and you do not suspect how powerful it is!
    You must learn how to use it and then, you can make this world better!

    This meeting made a great impression on me.

    And I began to train every day, started to work hardly, I began to feel the energy inside me,
    every day more and more. In the end I completely mastered this power.
    It seemed that nothing could stop me.I returned to the place where I met sorcerers and killed them.
    Then it turned out all this was a mistake.

    I thought how to use my power for the good of the people, when suddenly ...
    Demon: Ahaha! How easy it was to deceive you! Thanks to you, I'm free again!
    You will die, but your folly will be covered by legends!

    I don't know how miraculously I survived ...

    The demon didn't sit idle and called his warriors!
    Well, I managed to gather people and lead them into battle!
    The battle was terrible! Corpses attacked us by a huge crowd.
    It seemed like it would never end, but we managed to win!

    Your time is over! I'll bring you back to the hell!

    Demon: As always you are mistaken,
    You did not win...

    Disappear and do not come back!

    After killing the demon, life in our region
    significantly improved

    The sunny days became longer, the harvest began
    it is better to grow up, and then the hunger has disappeared
    People have become happier. I continued
    help them and protect from enemies.
    Now, I can have fun with a quiet heart
    as much as I want!
    Thank you for watching
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  12. Semny

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    Мужик говорящий от лица девушки..... Да у нас тут трап завелся
    Зря старался, лучше Крис все равно не будет [​IMG]
  13. Remm

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    2.Ghost Strider: Origins / Призрачный скиталец: Начало
    3. RU
    Последнее редактирование: 19 авг 2018
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  14. Semny

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    Ну и хде история ? Хде повествование ? Хде смысол ?!
  15. Remm

    Remm Well-Known Member

    Суть можно уловить если изначально не относится к работе предвзято, и воспринимать происходящее как начало истории. Тип повествования выбран для той аудитории которая способна без слов понимать что происходит на экране опираясь на собственное логическое мышление и фантазию. Детальней разжовывать мне лень, извини.
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  16. FogMan

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    Мне нравится)
  17. @Semny if you are gone be so full of criticism about everyone else. Why don't you make something?
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  18. Semny

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    because i have no resources for this )
  19. Erayda

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    I don' believe)
  20. Erayda

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    ждем продолжения =)

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