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Dear players!
It's time to shine for our dear movie or video makers!
We are launching a new Movie Contest and hope for great submissions from everyone!

Contest objective:

Create a video that was filmed on our ArcheRage Server!

Different formats to choose from:
  • Music Video
  • Movie Style Server Trailer
  • Funny Video
  • Story Movie
Contest Rules:
  • One participant - one work.
  • Minimum duration of the video: 1minute. (Do not overdo the length of the video, the longer the video the harder to make it amazing! Sometimes a video that is 2minutes long is better than a 15minute video that cost you an insane amount of time)
  • Videos only, no screenshots.
  • You can edit the video to your hearts extend.
  • Before your video starts, there should be a small Intro Scene/screen telling us your nickname, the name of your video and showing our servers logo.
logo1 (1).png

How will the submissions be rated?
  • 1. We will rate how funny, serious or heartfelt the movie is depending on what kind of video you are creating.
  • 2. We will rate the quality of the video including how well it is cut and accompanied by music.
  • 3. We will look at your creativity, we want to be surprised and amazed by your video!

Your submission will be evaluated by: Server Administration and Forum Team.

Submit your entry [HERE]



1st place - 5000 Credits + Typhoon Drake

2nd place - 4000 Credits + Astra Wings Glider

3rd place - 3000 Credits + Inoch Battle Robes

if there are more than 15 participants there will be 2 more prizes of 1000 Credits each added.

Good luck dear players, show us your creativity!

The contest will open on August 1, 2019 and last until August 30, 2019!
The winners will be announced 3 days after the end of our Contest.