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We are all different and each one of us plays their own part in a big theatre called Life. Mother... father... daughter, son, student.. schoolboy, hard workers and the list is ongoing almost infinitly.
But what roles do our characters play in the open world of ArcheRage?
Are you a farmer? a warrior? or maybe... a even wider variety of roles? Let's look at it together!

This contest is about your characters. About their individuality, their inner ''I''. Tell us the story of your characters colors, the bright colors of happiness and also let us take part into seeing the darker colors of sorrow and bitterness.

Your task is to make a video of your character. Tell us its story of ''his life''.

Think about it - everyone of us kinda gives our characters a special role in the game... we set goals for them, we set achievements to gain for them. We are writing their story on the other side of the screen.

Share your work HERE

Conditions to participate:

One entry only.
2. Minimum lenght of the video is 5minutes, maximum is 30minutes.
3. Good quality is not necessary (since not everyone has the best computer or the best editing software, we understand that.)
4. Songs or audio used should NOT contain obscene vocabulary and insults.
5. The narrative of the video should be in first person (I, me). You can narrate in both text and voice.
6. The story should consists of 3 parts. Begin , middle, end (respectively, there should be calm and quiet times but also action included.)
7. At the start of the video you should have a screensafer that includes our Server Logo, the name of your video and your characters nickname.
8. If you are working on a video and suddenly something happens and u may not be able to finish it in the deadline, please tell about it to the event manager and we will see what can be done.
9. Let us feel your inspiration and good mood!

Your works will be rated and looked at by: Server Administrators, Forum Moderator, Event Managers.​

Event will last from July 11 to August 11. The winners will be posted in THIS topic from August 13 to August 15.



  • 1st Place - 5000 Credits, 50 Fine Fine and Fine Wave Lunarite, a glider from the store to choose from (bound).
  • 2nd Place - 4000 Credits, 40 Fine Fire and Fine Wave Lunarite, a decoration from the store to choose from (bound).
  • 3rd Place - 3000 Credits, 30 Fine Fire and Fine Wave Lunarite, a decoration from the store to choose from (bound).
  • 4 - 6 Place - 1000 Credits

Breath life into your character. The only limitation you have is your imagination, which you set yourself.
Do not put boundaries, do not have unnecessary rules for yourself, just act and good luck!
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Contest has ended, winners have been decided. Thank you so much for participating!