The Mini Desire of the Forgotten

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The Mini Desire of the Forgotten
Friends, who of us wants to be forgotten? .. Everyone wants to be remembered. But a person does not always have those who will remember him. We must play the role of conductors of memory and give the miserable people some joy, remember them! It's so simple!
Everything starts as usual: a new function button appears in the lower left corner of the screen.


By clicking it you will receive a letter. You can only get one letter a day.


The letter will send you to the Mirage Island to Noer, the pearl trapper.


He will tell you about his amazing find at the bottom of the sea, a mail bag, and will take one letter from him. The letter needs to be delivered to the addresat.


Addresses are numerous and almost every time you receive different letters.
For example:

You will receive a Letter for Heyshen, the proprietor of the inn near the jade palace in Hazir.


Bringing her a letter and listening to the story of the library scrolls as a reward, you will receive a box with scrolls (you will find 3 scrolls inside). +1500 to the maximum number of lives for 60 minutes.