Suggestions on server balance adjustment

If this changes whether you support

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    Голосов: 1 25,0%
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Increases Evasion +5%, Adjust the increases Received damage +23%.
Adds a 5% chance of hit


Move Speed +5%
,Honor Points during War +5%
,Toughness +400,
Resilience +280,
Received Healing +10%
,Melee Damage Reduction +5%
,Ranged Damage Reduction +5%
,Magic Damage Reduction +5%,
Adjust the
Move Speed +5%,
Honor Points during War +5%
Reduced the time it takes to open a portal by 50%
Increases PvE damage +10%
Received PvE Damage -8%



New player support gift pack
Added a new buff.
,Melee Damage Reduction +10%
,Ranged Damage Reduction +10%
,Magic Damage Reduction +10%,
,Toughness +400,
Resilience +280,
Received Healing +10%
Increases PvE damage +4%
Received PvE Damage -4%
The duration is 90 days It takes effect when the gift box is opened Instead of getting an item and using it


Unstable Skill Point delete
Change of reward
Custom Earrings
Fixed attribute
Stamina +40
Received Damage -4%
Replaceable properties(You can choose only one of them)
10% of ranged attacks convert to health
Enemy healing reduced by 15% when dealing a physical attack
5.5% of magic damage converts to life
5.5% of Ranged damage is converted to health
5.5% of melee damage is converted to health
Received Healing +10%
Increased Max health by 1500


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just read this topic
if you want to remove

You should also remove all custom damage buffs. (Which is more than enough to level all custom damage reduction)
But then it will be a copy of the official server, what's the point?)


In the above poll, it's clear that this buff is having a serious impact on pvp especially in the 18k-20k player boost
So I think it should only be a buff for new players, not veteran players, to make the experience better for new players, and keep old players from being too invincible


Changed to pve promotion

1. It helps low-rated players grow better

2. Keeps small teams alive and does not directly affect pvp All unions that are not required to enter Level 8

3.pve promotion can help the server kill most bosses with fewer people

4.pve damage reduction can help the team that stops the boss to better stop the western dragon killing and reduce the impact of the dragon on the attack


And in version 7.0, most of the classes that have penetration and critical damage are now the ones that have the primary choice of penetration and critical damage. In this way, the output will be much lower, but the defense will still be high