[Special] Happy New Year 2021!


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EN-CH Moderator

Dear players!

The year 2020 is coming to an end - this year turned out to be very eventful in a wide variety of ways. We have installed 3 bigger updates with all kind of custom changes inspired by our player base's suggestions. We have tried to make the game a more comfortable and enjoyable place to be for our players and we will always continue to strive to do the same in the future!

We have held many different kind of events in which a large part of our community was able to showcase their creative sides and share with us their passions. We are amazed by how many unique players we can find in our little world of ArcheRage and we thank you for sharing this with us!

Many musical concerts were held, many Mirage Races were held and people have been playing hide and seek regularly - this shows us that our server is a place where a lot of different people with a lot of different passions can enjoy their days and relax away from school or work!

We want to sincerely thank you for spending this year together with us, things have not been easy but we hope that we could make you enjoy and escape from bad realities on our server! We thank you for supporting us and for giving us your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for making us grow as a community and we promise you that we will never stop aiming to bring you the best gaming experience. In 2021 we will continue in the same spirit to give you, our dear players even more pleasant surprises!

On behalf of our entire Administration team I congratulate you for the upcoming year 2021!

May it provide you with new strength, amazing opportunities, creative ideas and may all your dreams come true!
We hope you can spend the next year with a good mood and make great new memories!

We sincerely wish for you to also create new amazing memories together with us on our server, lets discover the future together - bundled with memories of joy!

Thank you for being with us for this long time!

Sincerely, your Administration.