[Special] Happy New Year 2019!


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Can you hear this?

It's the Year 2018 leaving, being filled with many events, many discoveries, friends made and friends lost... achievements gained, all of our joys and all of our sorrows. We have experienced so much this year... all of us have. For each and every person this year was special, noone has experienced the same as you did, for some person it had been a very difficult year, for other people everything went well... maybe you feel sadness leaving the year behind, maybe you are excited that finally this year is coming to an end! But now, let everything that happened go, let it turn the past of the Year 2018 and embrace open handed the new year!

For some of our dear players, you will have snow crushing under your shoes when you celebrate the coming year, for other players it might be hot like every other sunny day. Nomatter where you come from, we have one thing in common, which is celebrating the New Year.

Throughout the last year, every week we, the team of ArcheRage have tried to provide you with something special, something new, we ourselves have grown alot... things were changed, sometimes we have made mistakes, sometimes we failed... but we always tried to correct it, find out new ways how to provide a great gameplay and tried again.

And now it is time for what our team wants to tell you, our players.

We thank you so much for your support, for giving us feedback, advice ... for laughting at our jokes and staying with us through this whole year. Nomatter what happened you kept staying with us, we are very very thankful for this.

And with gratitude we want to congratulate every single player of ArcheRage on the coming new year. In 2019 we wish you to make very happy memories, we wish you to always smile, to laugh alot... and we wish that everything in your life will go well this year, of course... we wish you the best health possible and alot of happiness.

Let this new year be filled with the music that makes you smile, strive for your goal... find new challenges.

We sincerely wish you a Happy New Year!

Thank you for being with us.

We have prepared a New Years gift for every player of ArcheRage.
Every player visiting his personal profile on our website will be able to claim the New Years Gift.

You can claim it until January 7nd, 2019.
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