[Special] Happy Birthday ArcheRage Gifts!


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator
Dear players, as our server has celebrated its Birthday once again this year, we have prepared special gifts for our loyal, patient and ever-so kind community!
We want to thank you from the bottom of our teams heart for staying with us, giving us your feedback, your opinions and your ideas for all of these long years!
We have went through alot together by now, and we hope that we will go through alot more together, share memories, joy and achievements with everyone of you on our server!
While not everything always goes smoothly, we still try to make the server a comfortable home for everyone so you can enjoy your time playing.

In honor of our servers birthday we have prepared gifts for all of our players aslong you are not banned and your account has been created before 28.02.2023!

Starting March 1, 2023 you can claim the ArcheRage Holiday Gift in your personal space on the website.
NOTE: The gift will only be sent ONE time, pay extra caution to NOT send it to the wrong character.
The gift can be claimed from 01.03.2023 until 14.03.2023.
Your account must be created before 28.02.2023 and must not be banned!

The ArcheRage Anniversary Mini-Event will also be launched for 14 days.
The Mini-Event can be joined in Mirage Isle.
To participate in the Mini-Event you will have to use the Special Buff obtained by opening the ArcheRage Birthday Gift.

List of Gifts: [Coming Soon]