[Special] Gifts for ArcheRage 7.0!


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EN-CH Moderator

In celebration for the release of ArcheRage 7.0 we have prepared gifts for all of our players!

In order to receive this gift, you need to go to your personal account on our website after 7.0 has been installed on the server and then browse to the gift section and select the Appreciation Gift.​

  • You need to have atleast 1 character level 1.
  • Your account cannot be banned.
  • Your account has to be created prior to 7.0
  • The gift can be claimed for 3 weeks after 7.0 goes live.

Rise of Nehliya Giftpack includes:
  • Merit Badge
  • Balloon Pack
  • Manastorm Crystal
  • Login Badge
  • "The Rise of Nehliya" Ticket
  • Bound Shattered Chasm Weapon Chest
  • Loyalty Token 50-Pack
  • Festival Labor Boost
  • Fireworks Crate
  • Special Scrolls
  • Magic ArcheRage Flag
  • Daily Gift
  • Hiram Gladiator's Supplies
  • Auto-Loot Powerstone Box
  • Phoenix Tears Tincture
  • Risopoda Housepet
  • Mirror of Wonders
  • Lamp of Infinity
  • Title Token
  • Siegeram Taurus Bundle
  • Tapioca
  • Ancient Battlepet
  • Live Figurine
  • Housing Decor
  • Chimera Uniform