[Special] Gifts for ArcheRage 6.1!


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EN-CH Moderator

In celebration for the release of ArcheRage 6.1 we have prepared gifts for all of our players!

In order to receive this gift, you need to go to your personal account on our website after 6.1 has been installed on the server and then browse to the gift section and select the Shadows Revealed Gift.​
1. Gift for active players

You are eligible to receive a gift, if:

  • The account has at least one level 1 character.
  • The account has been logged in between 26.09.2021 and 26.10.2021.
  • The player has logged into the game at least once in the last 30 days.
  • The Account is not banned.
The gift is available to claim until 16.11.2021.

List of rewards:

Hereafter Stone (50)
Green Fireworks (10)
Red Fireworks (10)
Blue Fireworks (10)
Heart Firework (10)
Bound Tax Certificate (100)
Merit Badge (25)
Loyalty Token (25)
Balloon Pack (1)
Hellwing Pegasus
Manastorm Crystal (50)
Hiram Awakening Scroll (50)
Decrystallization Scroll (2)
Cloaked Hiram Guardian Weapon (3)
Cloaked Hiram Guardian Armor (7)
Cloaked Hiram Guardian Instrument (1)
Bound Worker's Compensation: 1000 (3)
Login Badge (1)
Lucky Hiram Infusion (10)
Shadows Revealed Ticket (20)
Shadows Revealed Token (1)
Magic ArcheRage Flag (1)
Shadows Revealed Gift (1)
Dread Beserker Live Figurine (1)
Hiram Streetlight (1)
Ancient Hero Statue (1)
Sealed Title Token (1)

1 Random Item out of these:
Blue Spiral Party Hat (1)
Strawberry Cake Birthday Hat (1)
Lemon Cake Birthday Hat (1)

1 Random Item out of these:
Grathax (1)
Akanun (1)
Rainbow Ostrich (1)
Arak (1)
Ember Nymph (1)
Ale Sprite (1)

1 Random Item out of these:
Hiram Statue (1)
Mysterious Stone (1)
Haradium Distiller (1)

''Shadows Revelead Gift'' can be opened once every 24hours and lasts for 7 days.
It will reward a random item out of this list:
Akrites Golden Statue (1)
Ezi Golden Statue (1)
Nui Golden Statue (1)
Founders Warrior Hero Statue (1)
Founders Lord Hero Statue (1)
Founders Scientist Hero Statue (1)
Themis Statue (1)
Prayer Post (1)
Meteorite Ice Shard (1)
Rune Tablet “P’o” (1)
Rune Tablet “O’c” (1)
Rune Tablet “A’p” (1)
Rune Tablet “T’i” (1)
Rune Tablet “X’p” (1)
Rune Tablet “D’a” (1)
Rune Tablet “O’c” (1)
Stone Grail With Flowers (1)
Stone Grail (1)
Stone Grail With Turret And Flowers (1)
Stone Grail With Turret (1)
Garden Wind Stone (1)
Garden Branch Stone (1)
Garden Mountain Stone (1)
Wooden Fish-Chair (1)
Ancient Wizard Statue (1)
Ancient Beastman Statue (1)
Magic Fountain (1)
Millennial Bonsai (1)
Locked Temple Reliquary (1)
Shatigon Priest Mask (1)
Salphira Priest Mask (1)
Lesser Demon Horn (1)
Demon Horn (1)
Great Demon Horn (1)
Chessman With Golden Top (1)
Chessman With Stone Top (1)
Chessman With Silver Top (1)
Chessman With Scarlet Top (1)
Chessman With Beige Top (1)
Chessman With Purple Top (1)
Chessman With Steel Top (1)
Great Chessman With Golden Top (1)
Great Chessman With Stone Top (1)
Great Chessman With Silver Top (1)
Great Chessman With Scarlet Top (1)
Great Chessman With Beige Top (1)
Great Chessman With Purple Top (1)
Great Chessman With Steel Top (1)
Golden Temple Censer (1)
Golden Temple Urn (1)

2. Return of the Heroes

To take part on this Mini-Event, after Version 6.1 launched you have to go to your personal account on our website and browse the Gifts section and select the Homecoming Hero Giftbox.

You are eligble to receive a gift, if:
  • The account is not banned.
  • The account has an character level 55 or higher.
  • You have not logged into your account in the time period between 27.09.2021 and 27.10.2021.

As soon the player activates the Homecoming Warriors Effect which you will receive from the Gift for returning heroes, you will be able to complete daily quests accepted in Mirage Isle.
You can complete a quest every 12 hours, there are a total of 14 different quests.

The return of the heroes gift and event will be available until 16.11.2021.