[Special] Gifts for ArcheRage 5.0!


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Dear players!

In celebration for the release of ArcheRage 5.0 - Relics of Hiram we have prepared gifts for all of our players!

In order to receive this gift, you need to go to your personal account on our website after 5.0 has been installed on the server and then browse to the gift section.
You are eligible to receive a gift, if:
  • The account has at least one level 1 character.​
  • The player has logged into the game at least once in the last 30 days.​
  • The Account is not banned.​

List of gifts:
  • 50x Hereafter Stone​
  • 5x Heart Firework​
  • 100x Bound Tax Certificate​
  • 20x Merit Badge​
  • 20x Loyalty Token​
  • 50x Manastorm Crystal​
  • 50x Hiram Awakening Scroll​
  • 2x Decrystallization Scroll​
  • 3x Cloaked Grand Hiram Guardian Weapon​
  • 7x Cloaked Grand Hiram Guardian Armor​
  • 1x Cloaked Grand Hiram Guardian Instrument​
  • 3x Bound Workers Compensation 1000 LP​
  • 1x Midnight Kitsu Whistle​
  • 1x Login Badge​
  • 10x Lucky Hiram Infusion​
  • 5x Bound Lucky Elixir​
  • 1x Daily Gift​
  • 1x Hiram Researcher Token​
  • 1x Party Hat (Striped, Cherry or Cream)​
  • 1x Mecha Coveralls (Red or Blue)​
  • 1x Battle Pet​
  • 1x ArcheRage Plushie​
  • 1x Transform: Abyssal Creature​
  • 1x Model: Wheeled Mortar (decoration)​
  • 1x Plasma Charger​
  • 1x Sealed ArcheRage Flag​
  • 1x Scroll: Dark Wind​