[Special] ArcheRage 4.0 Gifts!


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Dear players!

We are celebrating the coming Update 4.0 of our Server!
Therefore, every player who has logged into the game atleast once in the past 60 days will receive a gift from the ArcheRage Team.

The gift will contain alot of nice things and the luckiest ones of our playerbase will receive one of the following items:​


  • Steel Lightning
  • Carrot Dash
  • Celestial Pegasus
  • Candy-fueled Shellraiser
  • Lord Cottontail
  • Shayeera
  • Racing Zebra


  • Improved Dawnbreak Dove
  • Improved Pure Ally's Wings
  • Improved Corrupt Ally's Wings
  • Improved Nightfire Glider

Battle Pets:

  • Hellhound
  • Lavaspark
  • Captured Flamelord
  • Grimreaper Pet
  • Ember Nymph
  • Ale Sprite
  • Moonsand Fox