[Special] ArcheRage 2nd Anniversary!


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Dear players!

The time has come... it flew by so fast... does it feel like 2 years have passed for you?!
It sure doesn't feel like that for us!
We have spent 2 years full of enjoyment, struggles, happiness and also some knockdowns... but we do not even think of ever stopping on our journey, together with you.

Since 2 years the sun rises and the sun sets in ArcheRage, for 2 years our players travel through the beautiful ocean and do their missions... their trade runs... slay bosses... get the prettiest houses or have even created own crafting businesses!

For us this day is a very special day... We remember the first day of our Server, the launch day.... the first players that joined and all the ideas on how to make this server better.

Even the first time we had the thought of creating such a server and such a big project... it seems like it is just a few days ago. It seemed like something that would be not possible to do... but now this server has already been living for 2 years.

Of course, it wasn't always easy, there were moments where the Admins wanted to quit everything, wanted to give up... they had ideas but to implement those ideas it seemed too impossible or it seemed too out of reach...

But at the same time as these struggles occured, inspiration did too.
Sometimes a couple of comforting and warm words from the players, made all the struggle slowly fade away, and it gave the admins new strength to spend the next sleepless nights in trying and wanting to achieve something better for the server.

Over the years, our small server has grown, becoming a real server with a real playerbase with very special and unique players.

And this was all possible thanks to all of our combined efforts, thanks to you, our dear players...
After all, everyone of you is improving this server with us, with every piece of feedback, sharing your precious and interesting moments on our server, expressing your future wishes and pointing out where we lack.

And thanks to all members of our team, that is trying their best in all their might to listen to everyone and help out everyone... to introduce something new and interesting and in making our server better.

We understand that we are not perfect. We hope and we will make our biggest effort so that our ArcheRage server will become a memory that you will keep in your mind and recall from time to time thinking ''Hey, this was a great experience!!'' and for us to stay special even though there are plenty other servers or games to play out there.

On this day, our entire Server Staff wants to thank our community - you, for all your words, for your criticism, for your wishes, for your suggestions, for advertising our server, for your support, your help and your responsiveness to our questions, because all of this allows our server to improve.

We thank you very dearly and congratulate on our anniversary holiday, the second anniversary of our server!

Happy Holiday Dear Players!

Thank you for choosing us and staying with us!

In celebration of our 2nd year we have prepared several gifts for our players.

Starting from February 25, 2019 until March 9, 2019 following festivals will be launched on our server:

Pawsome Festival [CLICK]
Rum Runner Rapid Festival [CLICK]​

We will also launch our very loved mini events:

A Daru Relic [CLICK]
Nui's Chosen [CLICK]​

Additionally all players will be able to receive a gift on our website starting from February 25, 2019.

You can claim the gift in your account on our website. [CLICK]

  • 1 Gift for 1 Account
  • To receive a gift you must have a character level 52 and higher on your account.
  • The gift will be claimable from 25. February,2019 until 8. March, 2019.
  • The gift consist of seven parts. If you open gift 1, you will get box 2 and so on.
  • All seven gifts have a total cooldown of 24hours.
  • Each gift has 3 chests with Anniversary missions, from each chest you will obtain 1 of 17 different tasks for our Anniversary, the tasks are repeatable.
  • For completing these quests you will receive a special Festival coin which you can exchange in Mirage isle for caps, halloween weapons and a huge number of temporary pets and equiptment.
  • You will also be able to obtain the Anniversary Trophy from the gift chest, this is a big heart-shaped tree that grows in 15minutes and then you will be able to harvest it.
  • The gift chest also include a ''Indomitable Spirit Glider'' but you cannot improve its stats.
We wish everyone a nice holiday, and for many more amazing years to come!
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Because of technical issues, gifts will only be claimable from February 26.