Server Update September 30, 2020


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator

Dear players!
The server will be going down for its scheduled maintenance on September 30, 2020 at 00:00 CEST (01:00MSK).

The estimated down time will be: 40 minutes.

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List of changes:
  • Players will nolonger be able to summon Mailboxes or Warehouses next to the Thunderwing Titan Horn nomatter what stage it is at.
  • Changed the way Experia Patches work - now they can be picked up by all players again.
  • Fixed the description of the spawn time from Dragon in the Raid Finder Window.

  • Added new Guild Function ''Additonal Guild Quests''
  • The new Guild Quests are dailies that can be completed for valueable rewards.
  • In order to activate the New Guild Dailies you need to purchase the guild certificates for guild experience.
  • The higher level of your guild, the more daily quests will be available (maximum is 8).

The rewards include:
2x Merit Badge
3x Kyrios Badge
7x Shining Fragment
3x Decrystallization Scroll Scrap (combining 10 of those scraps will create 1 Decrystallization Scroll for Hiram Gear)
2x Labor Compensation (1000LP)
Small Lucky Potion
5x Merit Badges + 2x Loyalty Coins
10x Hiram Infusion + 3x Loyalty Coins

  • Festival of the Dragons was relaunched from 30.09.2020 until 21.10.2020. [CLICK]

The team of ArcheRage wishes everyone a great day!