Server Update May 2, 2018

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Server Update May 2, 2018
Dear players, the server has been changed. The server will be rebooted on May 2, 2018 at 2:00 MSK.
Approximate time of restart is 40 minutes.

List of changes:
  • Changed the skill of the Seaskimmer Speedboat: Engine revs - buff overload, now gives 10% to the speed of movement (previously did not give). Also there is a buffer overheating + 20% to the speed (not changed).
  • Taris (gardens) from it fall. The coins of the drop-out items from the Courtesan Jewels that fall out of Taris (gardens) are doubled.
  • The hypnotic lollipop (New Year's) can now be used as a skin for weapons.
  • Added daily quests for the craft reputation "Quest Nui". You can perform them once a day. Issues tasks Priest Nui.
  • "Far from the distraught world" - 1000 units. PP (bring 10 stone blocks)
  • "Merciful Priestess" bring - 1000 units. RR (conversation)
  • "In harmony with yourself" - 2200 units. PP (bring 100 lilies)
  • Fixed Defense for fortresses buff. Now he considers only the buildings, the construction of which is already over.
  • Changed the game event Hasla Zombie Apocalypse [Link]

Now there will be 3 rifts instead of 8.
1 rift (19:00) for beginning players. It has weak monsters and only 1 boss at the end. Dropping items from them will make it easy to create a Hazir weapon.
2 rift (21:00) for the veterans. In it, the mobs are somewhat weaker than they were before and the seals of evil, darkness, hatred, blood are falling. Significantly increased the number of dropouts from monsters.
reduced the time of the event from 1 hour to 30 minutes
Added a separate machine with weapons for Wanderers (novice players).
In the section of trade in the main machine added:
Red Coral, - 5 seals of darkness
Green Coral, - 5 seals of darkness
Antler Coral, - 5 seals of darkness
Yellow Coral, - 5 seals of evil
Orange Coral, 5 seals of evil
White Coral, - 5 seals
Blue Coral, - 5 Seals of Hatred
Armor Regrade Scroll - 3 Seals of Darkness
Weapon Regrade Scroll - 3 Seals of Hatred
Jewelry Regrade Scroll - 2 Seals of Evil
Lost Metallic Crate - 10 seals of evil

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