Server Update March 7, 2023


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator

The server will be going down for its scheduled maintenance on March 7, 2023 at 23:00 CET (01:00MSK).
The estimated down time will be: 40 minutes.

  • You can now place Saplings in the Farmers Large Chest.
  • If players enter the prison tower in any other ways than through the door, they will be teleported back into the prison.
  • Increased the maximum chat font size to 24 and also increased the maximum chat window size.
  • Fixed the player name display in the Rankings.
  • Added the option to turn on Game Time and Server Time beside the Ping and FPS information on the top right corner of the screen. This option can be found in the game Settings.
  • Added the possiblity of placing a craft request for Shatigon Cannon Ammo (100x).
  • You can now awaken the Arcans Ice Armor. Once the regular Arcans Ice Armor reaches the Celestial grade you can awaken it to Arcans Ice Wall Armor with the help of an Pet Accessory Awakening Scroll.
  • Added a new gilda star shop item called ''Ice chains'' with which you can seal the awakened Arcans Ice Wall Armor, the grade will remain.
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Dragon Festival will be launched from 08.03.2023 until 28.03.2023 [CLICK]

The Team of ArcheRage wishes everyone a good day.