Server Update January 28, 2020


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator
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Dear players!
The server will be going down for its scheduled maintenance on January 28, 2020 at 23:00 CET (01:00MSK).

The estimated down time will be: 40 minutes.

List of changes
ArcheRage Store:

General Changes:

  • Changed the craft of Crimson Warriors Vambraces.
  • Changed the craft of Shadow Warrior's Shadows.
  • Changed the craft of Dark Warriors Guard
  • Disabled the ''Farmhouse'' Teleport location in halcyona while The Battle of the Golden Plains Event is active.
  • Fixed some of the Gliders display on the Folio, some of them were missplaced in a wrong category.
  • Perdita Statues now are being sold for 10gold instead of 1000gold.
  • Now all monsters that have dropped Tainted Jewels will drop Ritual Aquamarine instead.
  • A new item was added to the store that makes it possible to expand your ''Favorite'' teleports limit by 5. The total amount that can be expanded is 20.
  • Added the craft and upgrade of several Storage Chests such as Morpheus Pirate Plushie Chest and Rangora Chest.

The Team of ArcheRage wishes everyone a good day.