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Dear players!

The server will go down for its scheduled maintenance tonight, August 7, 2019 at 00:00 CEST (01:00 MSK).

The estimated down time will be: 40 minutes

List of changes:

  • Game Store was updated [CLICK]
Violent Maelstrom Rewards & Achievements
  • Violent Maelstrom naval arena "Fish Feed" achievement goal was changed. Now the achievement requires to complete "Sea Breeze" 10 times.
  • Poseidon Shroudlight can now be equipped on Enoan Galleon. You can equip it into one of 3 slots at your choice: 2 Cannons on the left side, Underwater Breathing Device.
Guild Changes
  • Changes announced at 3.5 release (in 3.5 Patch notes) related to the guilds activity, specifically, Guild EXP requirements, come into effect.
    • If guild doesn't obtain required amount of EXP within 1 week (from Monday till Sunday), guild is going to be removed from the Ranking list for the next week. If guild gains needed amount next week - it returns back to the Ranking list.
    • Guild needs to gain the following amount of EXP within a week if it wants to stay in the Ranking list next week:
      • level 1 - 500 EXP
      • level 2 - 1000 EXP
      • level 3 - 1500 EXP
      • level 4 - 2000 EXP
      • level 5 - 2500 EXP
      • level 6 - 3000 EXP
      • level 7 - 3500 EXP
      • level 8 - 4000 EXP
For further information and details for this change please check our ArcheRage Custom 3.5 Topic [CLICK]

Kraken Ink Sac Changes

Additional ways to obtain Kraken Ink Sac are added:​
Upon dying, the Kraken will release Tentacles into the water as well as 5 additional Kraken Ink Pack that will differ from other Tentacles. Max radius is increased from 20m to 40m.
Pick it up and equip to obtain Packed Kraken Ink. This pack Packed Ink can be exchanged to the Kraken Ink Sac at a Fish Stand.

Important!! Players need to turn the pack in within 1 hour after picking it up. Dropped trade packs disappear in 30 minutes. Backpack lifetime: 60 minutes.
  • Abyssal Kraken now has a small chance to drop Kraken Ink Sac.
  • Luscas now have an extremely small chance to drop Kraken Ink Sac.
  • Corrected a description of the skill Abyssal Echoes.
  • Fixed a bug with the skills Tiger Strike (Life) and Tiger Strike (Lightning) that allowed players to use these skills numerous times while still sitting on the back of a mount and skills would activate the number of times you pressed it immediately after you dismount the mount.
  • The hero chests that get rewarded to epherium, delphinad, ayanad, erenor heros now displays the correct grade.
  • Reduced the amount of Red Dragon Spinal Ridges needed to upgrade Red Dragon weapons to the next tier from 100 to 50.
  • Trader's Cloak (@ArcheRage custom) is added to the Marketplace on the permanent basis.
Trader's Cloak.png
  • Now you can buy several Vocation Seedlings, Trees and similar on the Seed and Sapling Merchant for gold.
Rye Seed
Peanut Seed
Strawberry Seed
Pumpkin Seed
Rosemary Seed
Cornflower Seed
Lily Seed
Sunflower Seed
Lotus Seed
Mint Seed
Aloe Seed
Antler Coral Polyp
Oat Seed
Wheat Seed
Quinoa Seed
Bean Seed
Cactus Seed
Poppy Seed
Turmeric Seed
Saffron Seed
Chili Pepper Seed
Cultivated Ginseng Seed
Yam Seed
Dairy Calf
Water Buffalo Calf
Blizzard Cub
Cashmere Yata Calf
Willow Sapling
Cottonwood Sapling
Palm Sapling
Rubber Tree Sapling
Jujube Sapling
Pine Sapling
Cherry Sapling
Apricot Sapling
Moringa Sapling
Maple Sapling
Olive Sapling
Aspen Sapling
Bay Sapling
Bamboo Sapling
Spruce Sapling
Juniper Sapling
Pomegranate Sapling
Orange Seedling
Baobap Sapling
Ginkgo Sapling
The Team of ArcheRage wishes everyone a good night!
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