[Patch] Violent Maelstrom Rework


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator

Dear players,

the team of ArcheRage decided to completely reword our current Violent Maelstrom Arena.
The arena will be drastically changed, the only thing that will remain of our current version is the map itself.


  • There will now be 6 ships for each time, no more large and slow ships. The new ships will have a unique design and differ in general speed and turning speed.
  • The pvp mechanic will be reworked, players will nolonger receive points for killing other players, instead, points will be awarded for killing other ships only.
  • Changed the skill mechanic of the new ships, now at the start of each round every player will have 1 offensive skill. Every other skills can be aquired by collecting and selecting special items that will be floating on the water. Every skill with have a unique animation and unique effects.
  • From now on the arena will be 6 vs 6.
  • For the victory or defeat, honor points will be awarded.
  • There will be more rewards than currently that you can receive in exchange for Sea Wolf Coins.
  • You can go to the arena 5 times a day.

There will be more information and a guide when we release the reworked Violent Maelstrom Arena.​