[Patch] ArcheRage 5.5 Patch Notes


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Dear players, these are the Original ArcheAge 5.5 Patch Notes, so you can check all the changes that are made to the original version.

!This topic does not include any custom changes made by our team!

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General Changes.png

  • Fixed an issue where the Ads spawned by the Black Dragon would not move because of some player skills.
  • Improved the Ingame Time: now the ingame time will also take the restarts into account.
  • Multiple of the following items can be opened in a single use. Random Migration Pendant, Cloaked Migration Talisman, Cloaked Drain Talisman, Cloaked Lunagem, and Infusion Supply Kit.
  • Increased the Drop Rate of Unidentified Auroran Synthesis Stone. Adjusted the grade of the items that can be acquired from Unidentified Auroran Synthesis Stone.
  • Adjusted the way to use the Hero Flags. A hero who is channeling the Flag can no longer be moved to a safe place by summons.
  • Improved the Story Quest notification requirement.
  • Improved the background design for Quest Widget.
  • Quest Tracker can hold up to 20 quests.
  • Added new Daily quests that replace the 1st Floor Ayanad Library Daily quests.
  • The Cargo Ship Manager NPCs sells Shadow Daru Trader. Shadow Daru Trader can still be purchased from General Merchants.
  • Players who join Pirate Faction cannot go back to the original faction in 3 days, and players who go back to the original faction cannot join Pirate Faction for 3 days.
  • Added 200 Gold Ingots to the quest requirement for the quests "Letters of Recommendation" and "Pirate at Heart".
  • Optimized the pop-up window that requires items.
  • AoE skills from monsters deal 40% less Damage on mounts.
  • Morpheus periodically uses a skill that decreases Health Regen and Collision Defense of a nearby ship and also casts a skill "Move Yer Tunacan" that increases Collision Attack. This change was to prevent pirates from placing their ship on the top of Morpheus to protect their boss.
  • Improved the animation when the following Battle Pets are killed: Conker's Cube, Dreamwinder, Pygmy Fiend and Little Witch.
  • Sheet Music supports up to 10 melodies simultaneously.
  • Improved the subtitle speed of the cutscene "Nightmarish Encounter".
  • Repairing a ship costs 1 Shatigon's Sand regardless of a Goddess Nui Figurehead's grade.
  • Auto-sorting the contents in Bag, Warehouse, or Storage Chests is maintained after relogging.
  • Added the "Add a new tab" button on Storage Chest UI.

Players can share a URL of their voice chat in-game. Supporting links:
  • Discord - https://discord.gg/
  • Skype - https://join.skype.com/
  • Players with the Prisoner debuff can no longer use a portal.
  • Added Battle Pet and Powerstone Pet recipes that require Manastorm Crystals. Can be crafted at Manastorm Fountain.
  • Added "Battle Pet Youngster Basket" to Vocation Badge Shop.
  • Fixed an issue where the Orchidna's Disciple Title would mention a wrong buff.

  • Added new Daru NPCs Malchi in Aegis Island and Honaru in Whalesong Harbor. The Daru Merchants appear for 30 minutes once the following has happened for each one.
  • NPC Malchi:
  • Location: Aegis Island – Torch of Ipnya; next to the Ipnya Altar.
  • Arrives after the defeat of at least one Final Sealbreaker during the Aegis Island event.
  • Sells Acidic Poison Pouch for 400g each.
  • NPC Honaru:
  • Location: Crimson Watch Supply Depot in Whalesong Harber; next to the memory tome.
  • Arrives after the defeat of at least one Jakar during the Whalesong event.
  • Sells Cursed Armor Piece for 200g each.


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Added new items for Improved Infusion Supply Kit. The kit offers two options below:
  • Mysterious Hiram Infusion x1
  • Mysterious Abyssal Enhancer x3
Rewards from the following events have been updated:

Drill Camp Arena:

  • Victory: Kyrios Badge x20 and Improved Infusion Supply Kit x3
  • Defeat: Kyrios Badge x8 and Improved Infusion Supply Kit x1
  • Draw: Kyrios Badge x12 and Improved Infusion Supply Kit x2

Crimson Rift:
  • 1st Wave: 100 Honor Points and Improved Infusion Supply Kit x2
  • 2nd Wave: 300 Honor Points and Improved Infusion Supply Kit x3
  • 3rd Wave: 500 Honor Points, Improved Infusion Supply Kit x4 and 10 Leadership

Grimghast Rift:
  • 1st Wave: 300 Honor Points and Improved Infusion Supply Kit x3
  • 2nd Wave: 600 Honor Points, Improved Infusion Supply Kit x6 and 10 Leadership

Increased the amount of Hiram Infusions granted via quests. Increased the amount of Hiram Infusions granted via The Fall of Hiram City Instance reward.

New story missions have been added.
  • The story quests in this zone are a continuation of the Western Hiram Mountains questline.
  • Players first need to complete the Western Hiram Mountains quests in order to begin the questline in Eastern Hiram Mountains.
  • Once the Western Hiram Mountains questline is complete, the first quest for the Eastern Hiram Mountains will be available from Andega on the 2nd floor of the Hiram Cave.
  • Completing the final quest "Path to the Garden" grants the title "Hiram Guardian."

New Daily Quests
  • Scout Leader Isora offers the quest “Haradium Abominations” at the Waterfall Stairs Camp.
  • Scout Leader Yagov offers the quest “Stop the Abyssal Legion” at the Amaitan Meadows Camp.
  • Scout Leader Lewia offers the quest “Millennium Mammoths” at the Hall of Warriors.
  • Scout Leader Soboron offers the quest “Black Forest Treant” at the Black Forest Camp.
  • Completing the daily quests allows you to obtain Radiant Hiram Infusions or Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scrolls.


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Eastern Hiram Mountains
  • You can travel to Eastern Hiram Mountains from Western Hiram Mountains, but don’t forget to pick up the quest from Commander Andega.
  • In order to get to the Eastern Hiram Mountains, you need to cross over from the western side by following a path that leads from the Ruins of Hiram City, over the Mountain Gate – but beware of the Millennium Blizzard, that separates the two regions. The climate in the new zone can go from Subarctic to Temperate and the terrain varies from vast frozen highlands, waterfalls and forests, to open plains.
  • The Eastern Hiram Mountains follows a 10 min conflict period, followed by 50 min of war and then cycles into 60 min of peace.
  • During war, the Loot and Gold Drop Rates are increased.
  • Added achievements that can be obtained in the Eastern Hiram Mountains.
  • In similar fashion to the Western Hiram Mountains, there are several interaction points in the world, that grant temporary buffs. Laying an Abomination Corpse to rest, can for example grant a +50 increase to Attack Speed.
  • This new zone is also where players can work on improving their Hiram Guardian Equipment.

  • The harsh weather conditions made the creatures from the Eastern Hiram Mountains stronger than anywhere else. The strongest monster of them all is the Millennium Mammoth.
  • A large number of new monsters can be found in the Eastern Hiram Mountains, including Haradium corrupted Owlinas, Elementals, Moles and Abomination, Black Forest Treants, Spiders and their Hatchlings, Abyssal Legion Serpents, Dread Shamans, Berserker, Priests and other Abyssal Legion Elite.
  • Radiant Hiram Infusions, along with other valuable items, such as Honor Gems, can also be dropped by the monsters in the Eastern Hiram Mountains


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New boss is added – The Black Dragon Ferath.

  • The Black Dragon spawns in the Karkasse Ridgelands (Red Dragon’s Keep) every Mon/Wed/Sat at 8:00 PM server time. (Sparkle: days and time can be additionally discussed and changed before the patch release)
  • If not killed, Black Dragon leaves Karkasse in 2 hours.
  • Added new quests connected with the Black Dragon.
  • Complete “Defeat the Black Dragon” quest for honor and leadership.
  • When this dragon appears, the Nui, Haranya, and Pirate factions will all need to attack him. But don’t expect this alliance to last for long. If the factions manage to defeat the beast, they will be forced to compete for any treasures he may have dropped.
  • Be aware, harpoons cannot be used against the Black Dragon. So, whatever players intend to do to defeat him, they’ll have to do it without those. Luckily, defeating the dragon can earn players a new type of weapon (Wrathful Black Dragon weapon), Black Dragon Awakening Scroll, Legendary Dragon Wings, and Locked Gold Crates.
  • Black Dragon Awakening Scroll allows to awaken weapon that can be obtained from the Black Dragon.
Black Dragon Weapon
  • You can have the T3 Black Dragon weapons by awakening your T2 Red Dragon weapons or looting the Black Dragon.
  • If you use sword and shield, then the Wrathful Black Dragon Tail-Reaper and the Wrathful Black Dragon Figurehead might fit your play style best.
  • If you like to be an Archer and go for the hunt the Wrathful Black Dragon Eyesplitter should be your choice.
  • Mages are also very powerful with the Wrathful Black Dragon Staff.
  • Every weapon comes with additional effects.


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Radiant Erenor Equipment
  • Erenor equipment of grade Legendary or higher can be awakened.
  • Successful awakening maintains the existing 3 synthesis stats and adds one more stat to the equipment.
  • Crafted equipment or Erenor Infusions of the same grade or higher can be used to upgrade Radiant Erenor equipment.

Glorious Hiram Guardian Equipment

Each awakening attempt requires 50 Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scrolls.
Glorious Hiram Equipment can be upgraded to Mythic.

  • Success Rate: 10%
  • Failure Bonus: 5%

Combining 150 Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scrolls and 1 Brilliant Runescribe Quill creates 1 Divine Hiram Awakening Scroll.
  • Success Rate: 30%
  • Failure Bonus: 10%

Brilliant Runescribe Quills can be crafted at the Printing Press.
  • 200x Glossy Feathers
  • 20x Sunlight Archeum Essences
  • 20x Moonlight Archeum Essences
  • 20x Onyx Archeum Essences
  • 1x Copper
  • 25 Labor

  • After a successful awakening attempt, the equipment is at grade Epic and binds on pick up.
  • The equipment cannot be converted using an Evenstone.
  • It can only be upgraded using other Hiram Guardian equipment or Hiram Infusions.
  • Infusions can be obtained by completing daily quests in the Eastern Hiram Mountains and are dropped by Elite monsters.
  • Radiant Hiram Infusions grant Heroic-Celestial Hiram Infusions.
  • Hiram equipment cannot be used to upgrade Erenor equipment.
  • Hiram equipment can be tempered.
  • Existing synthesis stats will be maintained after the awakening.

New Abyssal Library Leather Armor Set

  • The armor set can be acquired from the Abyssal Library or by awakening Mistsong Summit armor of grade Legendary.
  • The new set of leather armor focuses on agility.
  • The armor can be upgraded up to grade Eternal.
  • The armor drops at grade Rare and binds on pickup.
  • It can be tempered up to +30.
  • The existing Abyssal Library leather armor has a new name: Disciple's Brawler Armor.
  • The new agility focused Abyssal Library leather armor set is named: Disciple's Swift Armor.
  • Added new item "Abyssal Conversion Scroll" that allows to convert Leather and Cloth armor from the Abyssal Library. Can be crafted at Disciple's Workbench.

Mistsong armor of grade Legendary can be awakened to Abyssal Library armor.
The Mistsong Talisman leather set can be turned into Disciple's Brawler or Disciple's Swift armor pieces.

  • Talisman Cap -> Disciple's Swift Cap
  • Talisman Jerkin -> Disciple's Swift Jerkin
  • Talisman Breeches -> Disciple's Swift Breeches
  • Talisman Fists -> Disciple's Swift Fists
  • Talisman Boots -> Disciple's Brawler Boots
  • Talisman Guards -> Disciple's Brawler Guards
  • Talisman Belt -> Disciple's Brawler Belt


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Battlepet Achievement.png

Added new Pet Collection Achievements

  • 9 titles related to new Pet Collection Achievements has been added.
  • Added an inventory storage chest for pets – Otherworldly Pet Hotel. It can be obtained by completing achievement “Pretty Darn Adorable”.
  • Main achievement “Shapeshifter” and new Ellam Pet can be obtained by collecting all sub-achievements.

The following achievements have been added:

  • Achievement Name: Shapeshifter
  • Objective: Complete all pet collection achievements
  • Rewards: Title:"Shapeshifter"; Ellam Pet

  • Achievement Name: Pretty Darn Adorable
  • Objective: Collect a Tabby Sabrefang, White Wolfhound, Mini-Miner Nanobot, and Steelspine Thornboar
  • Rewards: Title: "Pretty Darn Adorable"; Otherworldly Pet Hotel

  • Achievement Name: Soaring High
  • Objective: Collect a Fledgling Phoenix, Violet Bloomfang, and Kindled Spirit
  • Rewards: Title: "Soaring High"; 50x Manastorm Crystals

  • Achievement Name: Hellish Blood
  • Objective: Collect a Pygmy Fiend, Little Witch, and Hellhound
  • Rewards: Title: "Hellish Blood"; 250x Gilda Stars

  • Achievement Name: Forest Stalker
  • Objective: Collect a Wisdom Tree Pet, Greenman Pet, and Arctic Kitsu Pet
  • Rewards: Title: "Forest Stalker"; 1x Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 1

  • Achievement Name: Star Guardian
  • Objective: Collect a Dreamwinder, Narayana Squire, and Conker's Cube
  • Rewards: Title: "Star Guardian"; 250x Gilda Stars

  • Achievement Name: Night Seeker
  • Objective: Collect a Black Sabrefang, Black Bloomfang, and Grim Reaver
  • Rewards: Title: "Night Seeker"; 1x Loyalty Token 100-Pack

  • Achievement Name: Unapologetically Unique
  • Objective: Collect a Sea Turtle Pet, Crater Cub, and Bloodclaw Ursun
  • Rewards: Title: "Unapologetically Unique"; 50x Manastorm Crystals

  • Achievement Name: Kissed by Evil
  • Objective: Collect a Captured Windlord, Captured Wanderer, Tamed Blackscale Corps Deceiver, and Tamed Twinhead Viper
  • Rewards: Title: "Kissed by Evil"; 1x Honorable Victory Rank 1


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Trade System.png
  • Adjusted the Specialty's Profit Stage times and price value. Reduced the gap of the pack's value in each stage.
  • Adjusted the crafting recipe, materials and profit for Gilda Specialty:
  • Changed required labor from 50 Labor to 180 Labor.
  • Required Gilda Stars increased twice.
  • Required Ground Grain, etc is increased from 150-160 to 300.
  • The selling price is increased.
  • Added new zone exclusive packs. New zone packs have a similar system as the current Specialty system. Certain Community Center Specialty Workbenches offer the crafting recipe.


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Bug Fixes.png
  • Fixed an issue where the following UIs would not be reset at the server reset if a player was in an instance: Mobilization Order counts, Instance Daily Entry, Daily Contracts, Guild Missions, and All in the Family.
  • Wave Imprison: Fixed an issue where the incorrect skill duration was displayed on the tooltips.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect of Perfect Lunafrosts wouldn't be applied to Hero Cloaks.
  • Fixed an issue where Red Dragon would not land on the ground in a certain condition. This issue occurred when the aggroed target stealthed away to lose the boss's targeting.
  • Fixed an issue where Kraken's increased Defense (+37%) was not correctly applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the quests that players acquire via UI could be abandoned randomly.
  • Fixed an issue where Quest Objective Indicator that was turned off would be turned back on after completing the quest.
  • Fixed an issue where using a skill that absorbs a target's Health based on the damage dealt by the target could drain the caster's Health or make the caster Invulnerable in a certain situation. This issue rarely occurred when the absorbed amount of Health was large.
  • Fixed an issue where Temper items could be removed from the Tempering UI. This issue occurred when a player had Temper items in 2 slots (e.g. 101 Tempers) and used 1 of the Temper items.
  • Registered slots on Tempering UI is disabled.
  • Fixed an animation issue when a female Dwarf was using the Nimbus 2000.
  • Fixed an issue where B200 Serious cars would be flipped when they were passing the certain bridge in White Arden.
  • Fixed an issue where Leviathan wouldn't move in a certain situation. Leviathan periodically pushes nearby ships away. (This does not affect the difficulty of the boss).
  • Fixed an issue where a cutscene for the quest "Just the Beginning" would not be played.
  • Fixed an issue where the Hero Election icon would appear in an instance.
  • Fixed an issue where a guild's interest icons were not displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where setting the UI size to 110% would not display certain UI on the screen.
  • Fixed an issue where Owlinas/Mutated Owlinas monsters would not move in a certain situation. This issue occurred when the monsters used the skill "Strong Blow".
  • Fixed an issue where players were failed to join a raid in an instance.
  • Fixed an issue where the skill of Wrathful Black Dragon Silencer could stop the performance of Ode to Recovery.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera view would be fixed when a character was using the stairs in Forest Mushroom House.
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain in the west of the Fall of Hiram City map would not load correctly.
  • Lightning Meteor Strike: Fixed an issue where the AoE damage reduction would not be applied to this skill.
  • Flame Hell Spear: fixed an issue where the skill description was incorrect.
  • Hidden quests cannot be progressed in Instances.
  • Fixed an issue where Hunter's Guile would not decrease the Cooldown of Snare in Archery.
  • Fixed an issue where the Broccoli trees in Ahnimar would not be displayed correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the Erenor Shoes on Female Nuians would not be displayed.
  • Fixed an issue where it was unable to repair a ship randomly.
  • The Lordstone in Diamond Shores will be automatically spawned if players do not manually summon it after destroying the Alemine Fortress.
  • Improved the visual effects of cutscenes from Western Hiram Mountains.
  • Fixed an issue where Sea Turtle Pet couldn't be crafted at Small Breath of Life.
  • Fixed an issue where one of the Black Dragon mount's skill name could be displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where Crystal Nova from Crystal Wings that was supposed to decrease affected enemies' Move Speed would not be applied.
  • Fierce Titan's Wings cannot be used outside of Reedwind.
  • Fixed an issue where using a Tempering Charm for a Temper attempt would not update the information on the UI.