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Guild Recruitment: NyashNyash

NyashNyash guild is presently recruiting players that are interested in small to medium scale PvP and PvE game content. We are primarily an English speaking guild and mostly communicate in English, but we also have Chinese, Dutch, German, Japanese, Russian speaking members. We're also a new-player friendly guild with no gear requirement, no level requirement restriction. So if you're a new player and want to learn more about the game, join us and our veteran members will guide you through it.
We are a Non-PK guild which means that we don't kill green players(eastern players). We highly recommend that our members use Discord to keep up to date with the guild activities, keep in touch with other members and to report any issues to the guild officers. We also have Crysanium on our discord who's the Official English Community Moderator of ArcheRage(RU).
To sum it all up, We at NyashNyash are a group of casual yet competitive players that look out for each other as a family and help each other in progressing through this game in both skill and economy. Join us and we'll have a great time together!

PvE Activities
1. Mistsong Dungeon.
2. Serpentis Dungeon.
3. Dahuta Weekly Dungeon.
4. Greater Dungeons.
5. Lesser Dungeons.
6. Alliance Organized Dungeons.
7. World Bosses (East, Auroria, Sea) *Morpheus, if the pirates are kind enough not to mess it up.

PvP Activities
1. Mistmarrow War
2. Halcyona War
3. Crimson Rift
4. Grimghast Rift
5. Alliance Organized PvP

Training Provided
1. PvP PvE Skill Training
2. New Player Training
3. Dungeon Training
4. Money Making Training(New Players)

Facilities Provided
1. Well maintained Discord
2. Spreadsheet for everything
3. A promise that "Well have fun"
4. SweetnSalty Discord Admin (Tatsuya)

How to Join
You can send a whisper or an ingame mail to the following persons:
1. Rikku (Leader)
2. Achimah (Recruitment Officer)
3. Wateva (Officer)
4. Mayumi (Diplomatic Officer)

Please make sure to send an ingame owl mail if the above mentioned people are offline or not responding(probably afk).
You'll be asked to download and join our discord server after which a Discord Admin or Recruitment officer will allot you proper discord roles to access private discord channels.

NN Discord Admin
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