Nerf to Leech

Currently pvp is just leech spam, if a mage hits you with it they just frozen tracks into a meteor godswhip and there is 0 counterplay at all. This is a very common thing and it needs to be nerfed in some way such with a duration decrease or something where it's no longer first person to leech wins the 1v1


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Delete sleep and give chance to stolen 1-3 buffs (only)
update from 4.0: (if I remember correctly)
Leech - Steals 1 to 3 random buffs from an enemy and applies them to yourself.

LeechRunner and LeechMatist it's too strong.


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Well dunno for 4.0 but in on offi where i played for some time 5.3 leech only steals buffs doesn`t sleep and a lot of the other skills are changed as well , for example no more perma stun and trips