[Mini Event] Yata or Greenman!


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EN-CH Moderator

Everyone loves Yatas and Greenman, but... is there one of the two that you love more?
This event will help you find out the real favorites of our server!

Everyday, during the event, players can choose one gift they can give to either the Yata or the Greenman.​

  • Yatas love flowers
  • Greenman love special milk

Once we have figured out the servers favorite, the Mirage Isle will host an exhibition sale of Yata or Greenman costumes!

To create the gift for either the Yata or the Greenman, you need to visit Mirage Isle, accept the daily quest and then travel to Freedich island and create the gift.

The event items are temporary and will be removed after the event ends.

You may exchange the proof of friendship you receive on the festival workbench in Mirage Isle for the following rewards:

  • Honor points
  • Vocation Badges
  • Merit Badges
  • Useful buffs
  • Pets
  • Decor.