[Mini Event] Thanksgiving!


Команда форума
EN-CH Moderator

Launched from 25.11.2020 until 01.12.2020.

Over the river, and through the wood
Trot fast, my dapple-gray!
Spring over the ground,
Like a hunting-hound!
For this is Thanksgiving Day.
Over the river, and through the wood,
And straight through the barn-yard gate.
We seem to go
Extremely slow,—
It is so hard to wait!
Over the river and through the wood—
Now grandmother's cap I spy!
Hurrah for the fun!
Is the pudding done?
Hurrah for the pumpkin-pie

Thanksgiving is a festive holiday meant to be celebrated with all of your family, of course you may have found family on ArcheRage aswell!


Visit the Mirage Isle and you will be able to adopt a cute Drumstick from the Thanksgiving Commemorative Event Worker!

When you receive your very own Drumstick, you of course need food for it to feed it and make use of its full power!


The Drumstick is limited and only available for 12hours after claiming it from the Event Worker, you can summon and use him any time in that duration.

So, what exactly is the use of this Drumstick you ask?
Feeding it the Cornbread Stuffing will enable you to use one of 3 Unique Skills / Buffs.

Gluttonous Gobbler - Increases Loot drop rate and EXP by +20%.
Tough Turkey - Increases the owners Melee, ranged, magical damage +10%, increases the owners Melee, ranged and magical defense +10% and increases the owners healing by 10%.
Fast Fowl - increases the owners movement speed by +10% and reduces production time by -10%.


ArcheRage wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!