[Mini Event] Return of the Heroes


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Dear players!
In celebration to the launch of ArcheRage 5.0 - Relics of Hiram we have launched the Mini Event ''Return of the Heroes''.

Every player who has not logged into their account once in the last 30 days and have atleast 1 character with level 55 will be able to receive this gift.

To take part on this Mini-Event, after Version 5.0 launched you have to go to your personal account on our website and browse the Gifts section and select the gift for returning heroes.​

List of gifts:
  • 200x Gilda Star
  • 100x Merit Badge
  • 100x Loyalty Token
  • 5x Wrapped Cryptic Lucky Scroll
  • 1x Gazebo Farm Design
  • 10 Days Lavaspark
  • 7 Days Scroll: Merchant Schooner
  • 7 Days Scroll: Farm Hauler
  • 10 Days Thunder Dash
  • 100x Bound Tax Certificate
  • 5x Bound Lucky Elixir
  • 10x Bound Double Hunting EXP Elixir
  • 50x Manastorm Crystal
  • 50x Hiram Awakening Scroll
  • 2x Decrystallization Scroll
  • 3x Cloaked Grand Hiram Guardian Weapon
  • 7x Cloaked Grand Hiram Guardian Armor
  • 1x Cloaked Grand Hiram Guardian Instrument
  • 10x Lucky Hiram Infusion
  • 1x Midnight Kitsu Whistle
  • 14 Days Homecoming Warrior Effect
  • 1x Homecoming Warriors Token.

As soon the player activates the Homecoming Warriors Effect, you will be able to complete daily quests accepted in Mirage Isle.
You can complete a quest every 12 hours, there are a total of 14 different quests.

The Mini Event will last until 24 November, 2020.