[Mini Event] A Daru Relic


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Dear players!

Finally it is back! Our very liked Daru Relic event. Once upon a time there was an ancient great race... the Daru. They were ingenious inventors, scientists, alchemists and traders. One day, almost all of them disappeared, leaving behind only their creations. You have to go a little deeper into this ancient world and become a friend of Daru!

Every day, during the whole event, you will receive a mail to start your daily tasks.
It’s difficult not to notice that mail. There will be a new button for it and it will be possible to use that button once a day only.


Once you have clicked the new button, you will receive a Mission: A Daru Relic.


The letter will then send you to one of the creations of the Daru - the Auctioneer.


Once you have talked to him, he will give you a new task, to go head to any Smelter and craft 5 Refined Iron Ingots and bring them back to him.


He has found Cauldron shards in his old family estate, but unfortunately it is broken. In order to fix the Cauldron you will need to bring the Refined Iron to the daru, and in return he will give his valueable cauldron to you.

To Craft Refined Iron Ingots head over to an Local Smelter -> Click ''Quest'' -> Click ''Event'' and then choose Refined Iron Ingots.

1 Refined Iron Ingot needs 10 Iron Ore.


Once you have the Refined Iron Ingot return to the Daru Auctioneer and turn in your quest, he will yet again assign you a new task.

Go to the Local Smelter again and this time craft a Daru Cauldron using the Shards and the Refined Ingots you got.

Once you receive the Cauldron you can set it on the ground, it will only last for 30minutes and can only be crafted once a day.


The cauldron acts as a ''crafting bench'' which means you can craft several things in it. The Daru Auctioneer will keep giving you quests and tell you what to craft for him, make sure you finish all of his tasks before going ham into crafting the Elixir of your choice.

There are 4 different elixirs:
  • Honor Elixir - gives 500 Honor Points​
  • Vocation Elixir - gives 500 Vocation Badges​
  • Mystic Daru Summoning Potion - summons a Mystic Daru​
  • Radiant Daru Summoning Potion - summons a Radiant Daru​
Once you have all your elixirs in your inventory, just click on them to magically make another Daru appear and wanting to give you a gift box.


Opening this gift box can include one of the following rewards:

  • Sunlight Archeum Crystal
  • Moonlight Archeum Crystal
  • Starlight Archeum Crystal
  • Sunlight Archeum Essence
  • Moonlight Archeum Essence
  • Starlight Archeum Essence
  • Design Fragment: Growling Yawl
  • Rumbling Archeum Tree Sapling
  • Resplendent Weapon Regrade Scroll
  • Resplendent Armor Regrade Scroll
  • Companion Crust
  • Fusion Alembic
  • Flaming Pinion
  • Fine Fire Lunarite
  • Fine Wave Lunarite
  • Tax Certificate
  • Resplendent Accessory Regrade Scroll
  • Yellow Regrade Charm
  • Superior Yellow Regrade Charm
  • Red Regrade Charm
  • Superior Red Regrade Charm
  • Super Weapon Temper
  • Super Armor Temper
  • Combat Boost Scroll
  • Superior Combat Boost Scroll
  • Blue Regrade Charm
  • Green Regrade Charm
  • Mining Drill
  • Majestic Tree
  • Adventurer's Spellbook: Brick Wall
  • Adventurer's Spellbook: Unstoppable Force
  • Language Proficiency Spellbook
  • Mysterious Hothouse Vegetable Pot
  • Mysterious Hothouse Crops Pot
  • Mysterious Hothouse Flower Pot
  • Mysterious Hothouse Spice Pot
  • Mysterious Hothouse Herb Pot
  • Bound Weapon Regrade Scroll
  • Bound Armor Regrade Scroll
  • Bound Accessory Regrade Scroll
  • Duun's Blessing
  • Adventurer's Kingdom's Heart
  • Adventurer's Ancient Library Relic
  • Adventurer's Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy
  • Ayanad Weaponsmithing Scroll
  • Ayanad Armorsmithing Scroll
  • Ayanad Accessory Scroll
  • Bound Worker's Compensation: 500
  • Bound Worker's Compensation: 200
  • Bound Worker's Compensation: 1000
  • Glider Manacharge Scrolls
  • Glider Wingmaker Scroll
  • Experience Grimoire
  • Combat Boost: Haste Grimoire
  • Promise Grimoire
  • Prime Armor Temper
  • Prime Weapon Temper
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Defense
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Magic Defense
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Strong Blow
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Sharpshot
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Apex
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Salvation
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Buffet
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Marksman
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Extreme
  • Vivid Refined Lunagem: Aid
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Defense
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Magic Defense
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Strong Blow
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Sharpshot
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Apex
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Salvation
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Buffet
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Marksman
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Extreme
  • Lucid Refined Lunagem: Aid
  • Clear Synthium Stone
  • Vivid Synthium Stone
  • Lucid Synthium Stone
  • Radiant Synthium Stone
  • Bound Combat Scroll: Mastery
  • Bound Combat Scroll: Flexibility
  • Bound Combat Scroll: Toughness

We hope you enjoy our small event and help out the poor Darus! They will reward you greatly.